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The MAD Cartographer | Tropics | Battlemap Pack

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The Tropics theme from The MAD Cartographer! 

This product includes the following maps:

  • Fungal Fort - Deep in the jungle lies the ruins of a watchtower, which has stood abandoned for years. A strange fungus has now taken hold over the ruins and keeps much of the wildlife at bay. Is this fungus the reason the keep fell to ruin, or is it a more recent development? A night time variant of this map is included, with bioluminescent fungus.
  • Fungal Wreck - This map depicts a stretch of sandy cove where the shattered remnant of an old wooden ship has washed up, with a path providing access to and from the map. In addition to the Day and Night map variants, we've also included a version entirely free of the fungus for if you're just looking for a simple shipwreck for your adventures!
  • Jungle Temple - A small, high-walled shrine deep in the forest, with several fresh ponds and a brazier. The fast-growing vines and roots of massive nearby trees are slowly trying to reclaim the temple, which has both Day and Night variants. Also included is a frog worshipping version of the temple, which we've called the Grung Temple. This has an enormous overhead idol of a Frog sitting above the entrance, and several other canopy elements. This is also available in a Day or Night version.
  • Smuggler's Cove - This map initially looks like the textbook small exotic tropical island, with a Day and Night version included. A campfire is set up on the highest point of the island, with a single tent and some supplies. Waves crash against the cliffs, and a small rowboat is moored nearby. However - all is not as it seems...Venturing into one of several small tunnels or cave entrances found on and around the island, characters quickly find that there is a cavern below, which may or may not be the base of a smuggling operation! A trove of supplies, treasure, and several more bedrolls can be found down here, perhaps protecting the stolen goods.
  • Beach Festival - A secluded stretch of beach has been decorated with torches, tables, tapestries and a feast, centered around a colourful maypole. Revellers gather here to unwind and enjoy themselves in the surf. A night time variant of this map is included.
  • Tree House - The wreckage of a ship has been repurposed by the resourceful sailors that survived its sinking. Now, the remnants of the ship have been elevated into the canopy of a giant tree and turned into a safe space to take refuge from the dangerous beasts that lurk on the jungle floor.
  • Jungle Paths - A group of 4 utility path maps winding through the jungle. Different paths take characters through clearings, across vine bridges that stretch over a raging river, and underneath the outpor of a waterfall.
  • Camp Vengeance - A large palisade fort deep in the jungle, sitting on a riverbink. Troops tents fill the interior of the camp, and a wooden walkway allows for guards to patrol from a vantage point. Variants are included for day, night, and blank versions of the camp.
  • Herbal Hermit - A series of ravines in the high forest, stretching down into caverns below. An enterprising hermit has constructed a secluded cabin using the nearby trees, and has expertly straddled it over one of the ravines - perhaps in an attempt to avoid burrowing creatures! Interior and Exterior versions of the cabin are included with this map.
  • Volcano Ritual - A massive, complex scene spanning several maps. A pit in the jungle floor leads down into an enormous volcanic cavern, with a ritual altar suspended by giant golden chains. Natural rock pathways lead from the altar down into the depths of the volcano. Additional scenes are included to allow a phased encounter, as the volcano becomes active and the lava begins to rise.

All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.


If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!

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