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The MAD Cartographer | Taverns | Battlemap Pack

Latest version12.0.1
Minimum Core12
Compatible Core12
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created10 months ago
Systems All systems
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The Taverns theme from The MAD Cartographer! 

This module pack contains:

  • 13 maps spanning 8 unique scenes  - complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio!

Maps in this product:

  • Vintner's Delight -This misleading building is designed to look like a warehouse or barn to distract from its true purpose - a secretive brandy lounge for distinguished members who are invited by an existing member. Patrons enter via a service door directly onto the wooden mezzanine, and have to descend down into the lounge proper.
  • A small kitchen provides lunch, whilst political or industrial scandal can be discussed in front of the roaring hearth. In the corner, an enchanted automaton plays music to the lounge.
  • The Scarlet Shield - Tucked away in one of the more rough-and-tumble parts of town, The Scarlet Shield is owned by a retired city guard who spend decades patrolling his beat in this part of town. Known and beloved by the locals for his fair judgement, he's now known for fair prices and a trouble-free bar.
  • The Scarlet Shield offers several modest rooms, a gently-illuminated outdoor seating area, and the relative security of having many off-duty guards drinking in the bar. An ideal inn for a fledgling adventuring party!
  • The Wild Wood Inn - In a deep part of the forest, near the limits of where explorers and rangers tread, a surprisingly large and busy establishment can be found. The Wild Wood Inn is in truth more of a night club, raucous music, endless dancing, and the suggestion of other entertainments advertised by gaudy posters and whispers from attendants. Those wanting a breath of fresh air can found a garden at the center of the Inn. Foundry users absolutely need to check this map out to appreciate the animated lights and music of the 70's style disco dancefloor!
  • (Alice in) Wunderbar - This colourful and eclectic bar is tucked away in a slightly unsettling forest full of strange insects, and a particularly smug cat with a very punchable smirk. Unusual and impractically shaped rooms, winding corridors, and tacky décor makes it clear the proprietor of this bar is rather unusually, culminating in a large banquet room! Tacky décor can turn out to actually be 'attacky' - with two of the large banquet tables revealing themselves to actually be Mimics! Assets are included for these mimic tables, although Foundry users can use active tiles to double click and transform the table into the monster immediately!
  • Smallscale Saloon - Perhaps this establishment is found in the fetid swamp beneath a Black Dragon's lair, or maybe it's tucked away in the depths of a crowded city's sewer system. Either way, all it takes is knowing which stone in the wall to push and a narrow opening will reveal itself in the walls - allowing smaller individuals to squeeze through. Inside they will find the Smallscale Saloon, a diminutive drinking establishment and bunkhouse tucked away in a tight network of caves underground. Maybe this is an escape for smaller races, or perhaps even a working bar for the crews of kobolds the city has employed as engineers to expand the sewer system! A warren of tunnels at the edges of the map allow you to progress your adventure further underground!
  • The Boar's Tears - This large tavern offers a modest stables to leave your horse at, and a well-stocked bar. The draw of The Boar's Tears is said to be the matinee shows they put on for their patrons, and a central stage dominates the focus of the drinking area. At the back of the tavern are steps leading down, which Levels users can traverse automatically. This will lead down to the staff area underneath the tavern, including a kitchenette, dormitory room, and even the theatre staging area complete with costume changes and a ladder to make a quick appearance on stage! Day/Night variants of this map are included.
  • The Stanley - A large antiquated hotel, sitting alone in an isolated forest, snowed in for winter. Thankfully the groundskeeper is still on hand, along with a skeleton crew of staff. The classic style lounge continues to serve drinks throughout the blizzard, even if you're the only guest. Balloons litter the grand hall, the remains of a recent party.  After all, you know what they say about all work and no play! Day and Night variants of this map are included, and the Foundry version uses dynamic weather effects to whip up an animated blizzard outside!
  • Teppanyaki Tavern - Tucked away in a quiet back alley in town, illuminated by enchanted lights above stores, is a small restaurant where the chef prepares the food right out in the middle of the seating area. The manager of the restaurant has a small office tucked off to the side, and strange seafood lies in the kitchen, waiting to be prepared. The foundry version of this map has animated lighting effects for the neon lights outside, as well as using dynamic walls to turn the window in the manager's office into a one-way mirror, offering a discreet observation point on the diners. This really is a map that should be explored in Foundry to be fully appreciated!

This map pack contains a variety of inn, tavern, and other social establishment maps and prefab buildings! All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.

If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!

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