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The MAD Cartographer | PicknMix 4 | Battlemap Pack

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The Pick'n'Mix 4 theme from The MAD Cartographer! 

This module pack contains:

  • 9 maps spanning 8 unique scenes, complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio. All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.

Maps in this Product:

  • Juniper Forest Fire - A dry and arid summer has led to much of the grass dying off in these juniper hills. A variant is included where the heat has proven too much, and the surrounding trees have erupted into a wildfire!
  • Ant Hill - Lurking beneath the forest is a deep, twisting network of tunnels and breeding chambers, ending in the hollow of a massive queen deep below. The Levels module allows characters to plumb the formic depths.
  • Jailbreak - The jail beneath a small barracks has been breached from a nearby underground river, whether to gain access to the barracks or to stage an escape for a high value prisoner.
  • Tree Fort - High in the canopies of the Queen's Forest sits a small lodge built from fallen trees. From here, chosen scouts can survey the forest from above, keeping poachers at bay or maintaining a lookout for enemies.
  • Alpine Bank - Tucked away in the Northen Ice peaks is a high security, magically protected vault. Here, various wizards and powerful figures store their precious goods.
  • Gingerbread House - In a enchanted glen of edible yet dangerous confectionary, a single scrumptious cottage sits - home of a legendary hag and her cookie golems.
  • Vigra's House of Pleasure - An innuendous den of hedonism, the temple of Vigra attracts many ardent worshipers from across the lands, who came to pray in the chambers and... congregate in the cushion-lined chapel.
  • Mechanus - The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus is a mechanical plane, home of many automatons and beings of higher sentience. This collection of platforms and cogs turns infinitely thanks to the power of the tile-scroll module.

If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!

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