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The MAD Cartographer | Heists | Battlemap Pack

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The Heists theme from The MAD Cartographer! 

This module pack contains:

  • 23 unique battlemaps complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio

This product includes the following maps:

  • Druid Enclave - In the midst of the city, a sect of druids have raised a great tree that serves as an outpost for their order. None are allowed in or out, but rumours begin to spread about a valuable herb that the druids are keeping hidden. Magical defenses, determined druidic defenders, and vicious animated plants stand between thieves and the herb. A night variant of this map is included.
  • Temple Approach - An outdoor temple offers a simple and rustic place where followers gather to worship their deity. However, one who demonstrates fealty to the god (or knows where the hidden switch is) can cause the altar to slide aside, revealing a cultist hideout beneath the temple. Inside is the cultist's treasure hoard, as well as a trap-filled vault filled with stolen goods. A night variant of this map is included.
  • Underwater Vault - Beneath the waves surrounding a nearby island, a filthy rich entrepeneur is said to have constructed a hidden underwater retreat to store their most valuable relics, including glass observation decks to take in the surrounding wildlife (whilst watching for potential thieves). Various traps and defensive measures stand between thieves and the magical relics.
  • Goblin Stronghold - An infamous pirate crew terrorises this region, and has set up base on a small island beneath the ancient statue of a Goblin King who once ruled much of this archipelago. Watchtowers, cannons, and ballistae have been constructed to keep the Queen's Navy at bay. following a small inlet that runs under the statue, a small hideout is revealed with living quarters for the pirates, as well as storage for treasure or prisoners and hostages.
  • Mysterious Vault - Only accessible by magic (or a very determined miner) this vault is said to be deep beneath the earth and is perhaps the secluded retreat of an antisocial wizard, or reclusive vampire. Several prison cells are included, as well as a private suite for the owner. The centre of the vault contains 4 huge security doors, behind each of which lies a collection of treasures and valuables collected from around the world. A blank variant of this map is included.
  • Murkmire Museum - A famous museum in town has just released some of their updated collections, and rumours abound that it contains a historic item that contains latent magical powers. Some want it for the magic, some for the huge resale value! The museum spans 3 floors, with several entry points and areas for vigilant guards to patrol. Will the relic be in the botany garden, the historic beasts display, or is it still being processed in storage? A night variant of this map is included.
  • Castle Cinis - Said to once be the stalwart keep of a proud and noble Lord, a magical calamity has torn Cinis asunder. Now, frozen in a moment of magical mayhem, portions of the keep slowly drift from the ground and orbit the castle, kept in limbo between gravity, and the forboding singularity that looms over the keep. The interior of the keep is frozen in time despite the blasted surroundings - lavish chambers, warm lighting, everything left almost untouched from the moment of disaster. Great wealth and powerful arcana are said to linger in the castle, as well as the means to end the curse.
  • The Concordant Express - A mysterious mechanical train, rumoured to come from the clockwork Modron plane, the Concordant Express flies through the skies of multiple worlds on a perpetually-spreading track of golden rails it lays out before it. Inside, several dignitaries of the Modron Empire are said to be transporting a dangerous political prisoner, who knows several highly lucrative pieces of information and is said to be looking to sell them to the highest bidder. Are your characters protecting the prisoner from would-be-hijackers, or are they the danger? Astral and 'Blue Skies' variants of this map are included.
  • The Allure Casino - Nestled away in its own private Demiplane, the Allure Casino is an extremely exlusive locale. Ran by the Goblin Crime Lord 'Mr Big', the Allure plays host to the affluent and fabulous from all over the material plane, as they come here to wheel, deal, and try their luck on the dice. The laser-filled treasure vault of the allure is a testament to Mr Big's paranoia, and the vault is said to contain rewards beyond punters' wildest dreams.

This map pack features a collection of strongholds, enclaves, and facilities - all featuring a main focal point for your players to try and steal (or defend!) . All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.


If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!

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