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The MAD Cartographer | Astral | Battlemap Pack

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The Astral theme from The MAD Cartographer! 


This module pack contains:

  • 12 unique battlemaps complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio
  • 14 variants of some maps

Maps included in this product:

  • Smuggler's Asteroid - An asteroid drifting in orbit, has secretly been retrofitted as a small hideout for a group of smugglers. Several entrances contain an air bubble within the asteroid, which contains an engine room, storage areas, and a couple of beds. A variant is available with the engine activated, propelling the asteroid.
  • Astral Font - An enormous temple deep in the heart of Astral Elf territory. This place of worship is an enormous open space centered around a giant font of captured starlight. Does it serve as a beacon, or as a font for a summoning ritual?
  • Astral Dragon - The corpse of an enormous Celestial Dragon, slowly adrift through a dangerous sector of Wildspace. The body is covered in wounds, and remnants of the dragon's impressive hoard drift nearby, gold coins mingling with the blood of the great creature. A variant is available which changes the dragon's colour to a darker, more lunar hue.
  • Bone Forest - On the gigantic corpse of an ancient God, bones protrude from the body as the great entity slowly withers away over the eons. A cluster of bones are left exposed, forming an errie forest of sorts for the creatures that now call this place home.
  • Titan's Hand - A titanic hand rests in an otherworldly forest, all that remains of the planet-sized entity that was felled here. As the forest slowly reclaims the hand, foul eldritch tentacles have begun to emerge from the earth and entwine the hand. Are they drawing nourishment from it, or do they seek to reanimate it?
  • Orrery - A grand studio contains a massive model of the nearby solar system, brass planets rotating on their celestial orbits overhead. Underneath sits a circle of desks filled with notes and astronomy supplies - perhaps students ready to learn, or a scientist researching the solar system. Variants of this map are available with/without the solar system, desks, and with/without the tree canopies around the edge of the Orrery.
  • Wonky Tower - A four-story map of a somewhat crooked tower floating on a personal island in Wildspace. An eccentric cartographer is said to reside her - her tower overflowing with the flowers she grows, as feral gulls roost in every available spot. 
  • Githyanki Monastery - On the husk of a once-great celestial being, a monastic order of Githyanki have constructed a temple-fortress around the giant spear that slew the titan they now live on and worship. Several buildings provide locations to pray and train, whilst tall battlements overlook the jetty that visitors may dock at. 
  • Astral Portal Rings - Deep on a lost planet in the midst of Doomspace lies a small tropical island, upon which sits a powerful nexus of intergalactic travel. A ring of portals sits around a central conduit, allowing those with the knowledge and arcane power to travel unfathomable distances across the stars in a matter of seconds. Variants of this map are available with a number of different styles of portal, and lightning effects on the conduits.
  • Astral Prawn - Deep in the swamps of a small humid planetoid, a tribe of space goblins worship Tem'puhr'aa - a massive astral shrimp, said to be the last of his kind once the oceans of this planetoid dried up and gave way to the swamps that now make up much of this world. Tem'puhr'aa is said to carry the wisdom of eons, and the goblins revere and protect him as he travels around the swamplands.
  • Astral River - A lunar river of astral oil drifts across the surface of a high-density planet, some of the surroundng planets in the night sky reflected in the mirror sheen of its surface, whilst peculiar plantlife grows from the violet grasses nearby, feeding on the vapors of the river. A variant of this map is available featuring an alien bridge spanning the river. 
  • Astral Shipwreck - A four-floor map featuring the shattered wreck of an Astral Galleon, drifting through wildspace. A significant amount of damage has been done to the ship, and wreckage clings in a nearby cloud to the Galleon's gravity field. The lower decks shows signs that the ship was emptied in a hurry, but no loot has been taken - suggesting the assailant may have been a beast, not pirates. In the lowest deck of the ship, the still-functional Spelljammer helm sits, filling the ship with magic.

This map pack features a collection of locations, dungeons, and encounters set throughout the Astral Sea and Wildspace. All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.


If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!

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