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Loot Sheet NPC 5E
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Loot Populater NPC | 5E

This module allows you to enable automatic population of loot on monsters and NPCs in 5e.

The module is heavily inspired by LootSheetNPC5e and also is only really useful when using this in tandem.
As LootSheetNPC5e adds the capability and permission handling for players to actually loot items from token/actors.

Also recommended is the use of better rolltables, it will greatly improve you experience when working with rolltables.


  • Allows you to have automated random loot on NPCs when dropping them on the scene. If installed and activated, it can make use of better rolltables.

    Tables can be chosen from World and Compendium.

    Table priority when populating a token

    1. A actor has a rolltable assigned (via lootsheetNPC5e) this table will be used.
    2. A ceature type specific table is found (but no actor specific table) - this table will be used
    3. If a general default fallback table is set (nothing else)- this table will be used

    Tokens will not be populated when

    • Skiplist active and creature type checked in skiplist

Above behavior is especially usefull when you have macros that convert a monster to a lootsheet after and encounter.
These macros often expect the sheet not be a npclootsheet when clicking the macro.

Settings screenshots (taken in FoundryVTT v0.7.9 and 0.8.6)

(i) Click the screenshot to open bigger version

  • Game Seetings
  • Game Seetings
  • Game Seetings
  • Game Seetings
  • Game Seetings
  • Game Seetings

Example of filled inventory

On the left is the sheet of a token that was droped on the scene. The right sheet is the original sheet directly opened from the actor.



  • FoundryVTT v0.7.10
  • FoundryVTT v0.8.6+
  • Tested with DnD5e system only.

Installation Instructions

To install a module, follow these instructions:

  1. Start FVTT and browse to the Game Modules tab in the Configuration and Setup menu
  2. Select the Install Module button and enter the following URL:
  3. Click Install and wait for installation to complete


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please submit an issue on GitHub or contact me on Discord (JackPrince#0494).

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