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Limithron's Wizard College

Latest version1.1.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated11 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
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Class is in session! It is with great honor and excitement that I present to you The Wizard College! This epic endeavor has been a pet project of mine for months and months.


  • All 8 schools of magic from 5e are represented.
  • Each professor has an office, including the Archmage.
  • All 24 rooms of the college have been exported as self-contained room/building tiles so you can use them in an existing map or rearrange the college as you see fit.
  • Over 1,000 props were hand drawn, including almost every single 5e spell component.

Interior variations (44x44, Hi-Res JPEG files, no watermark):

  • Original / Original Night
  • Upstairs Dorm rooms with Student and Teacher's Lounges
  • Downstairs Dungeon with a dueling chamber, summoning rooms, a dungeon jail, a dark magic library, and much more.
  • Wild Magic Surge
  • BLOOD! (“Whatever happened here, I think we missed it…”)
  • Toxic Waste overflow (thanks, Harry...)
  • Demented/Frozen
  • Original Empty / Downstairs Empty / Upstairs Empty

Exterior variations (44x44, Hi-Res JPEG files, no watermark):

  • Original
  • Forest Campus
  • Island
  • Winter Mountain Top
  • Urban
  • Mountain/Sky
  • Empty Original / Empty Island / Empty Mountain/Sky
  • Forest Clearing (to place your own arrangement of school buildings on)

Overlay tiles

Adapt the center room of the college, or use them as stand alone buildings.
- Courtyard Hill
- Courtyard Tree
- Courtyard Statue
- Courtyard Winter Statue and Magic Well
- Courtyard Tree and Statue
- Wizard dueling chamber
- Downstairs Empty
- Upstairs Empty
- Study Hall
- Great Hall Original
- Great Hall Banners of the 5 Colleges (blue/green, green/black, black/white, white/red, red/blue)
- Great Hall Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, White, and Black Banners
- Great Hall No Banners
- Great Hall Blood
- Great Hall Rave/School Dance
- Great Tree Token
- Archmage Statue Token

Building Tiles

(Standalone to build your own school or drop buildings into other maps)

  • Greenhouse
  • Infirmary
  • Lavatory (x2)
  • Library
  • Abjuration Chapel/School & Office
  • Necromancy Operating Theater/School & Office
  • Divination Observator/School & Office
  • Conjuration Teleportation Rooms/School & Office
  • Transmutation Alchemy Lab/School & Office
  • Enchantment School & Office
  • Illusion School/Theater & Office
  • Evocation Target Range/School & Office
  • Archmage Office

As always, all maps come with preset walls, lighting effects, and sound effects.


I hope you and your players enjoy your time at the Wizard College, study hard, and master all the knowledge it can offer. Or, at the very least, survive until graduation.

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