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Limithron's Undead Airship

Latest version1.1.1
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated10 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Multilevel Tokens
Project source Project URL

“Even in the Othersea, with its tides of Beyond a’flowin’ like clouds, a ship can get becalmed. And there we were, waitin’ for the Goddess to breathe life our way again. I was just reachin’ for my pipe, and that’s when I saw it, just ahead of us, barely in view: the airship of death. Even from that distance, you could almost feel the smell of rot the thing gave off. With its leathery, wing-like sails catching a wind no one could feel, silent as the grave, it sailed on by, headed to parts unknown. Goddess only knows why it didn’t see us.”
      “I’m tellin’ ya, it’s out there – somewhere in the aether, looking for blood. And I’m stayin’ right here, on this barstool, far away from it.”

Sailors have sighted the Undead Airship and retired on the spot. How will your players react to the foul ship and its damned crew? Each map includes all ship decks, allowing you to set entire adventures aboard the vessel. Variations of this set include the original Void Ship, a Hell Airship, Ghost Ship, Lava Ship, and more – seven styles in all. I’ve also created 41 PNG assets of the different ship sections, weapons, and such, letting you customize or use them with other scenarios.

Variations for this map (76x40, Hi-Res JPEG files, no watermark) include:

  • Undead Airship - Hell
  • Undead Airship - Lava
  • Undead Airship - Ghost Ocean
  • Undead Airship - No Weapons
  • Undead Airship - Ocean
  • Undead Airship - Original
  • Undead Airship - Space

This module uses the Multilevel Token to move the players between decks. As always, the lighting and walls are preset for you, ready to drop into your game session.


Want more great maps like these? Come join my crew and support me on Patreon to get all my map releases and hear what I have in the works.

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