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Limithron's Treasure Map Kit And Bridges

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Here are some Bridges battlemaps for your exploration and encounter pleasure! There is the ever classic jungle rope bridge, an ocean sea stack (complete with magic and rainbow bridges), a volcano caldera, and more. I've also included assets of all the bridges so you can use them on other maps, or add, remove, hide, destroy, summon, cast, or obfuscate as you see fit.

To add tremendously to the value of this module, I've combined it with the Treasure Map Kit! The full kit includes over 80 icons, symbols, markings, and blank paper templates for you to drag around and create your own treasure maps and region maps.

The Foundry module for this map pack is updated to v10. Token library has all 130 tokens (as tiles) useable to build a custom treasure map. Includes dirt/buried treasure icons usable on any Limithron map.


Variations include:

- Sea Stack

- Sea Stack: Magic Bridge

- Sea Stack: Bridge and Altar

- Sea Stack: Rainbow Bridge

- Sea Stack: Basalt

- Lava Pillar

- Volcanic Pillar

- Volcano: Bridge

- Volcano: Broken Bridge

- Volcano: Skull Lava Pit

- Rope Bridge

- Rope Bridge: Night

- Rope Bridge: Broken

- No Bridge

- Rope Bridge: Rain

- Rope Bridge: Temperate

- Rope Bridge: No Trees

- Rope Bridge: Winter


Assets include:

- Bridge & Broken Bridges as transparent assets

- Plinth asset

- Lava Pool with Skull asset

- Stone Altar asset


Treasure Map Kit contains:

  • 19 Blanks maps (islands, rivers, lakes, etc) in two different styles

  • 3 Grid overlays (1in square grid, 1 in hex, 3 in hex)

  • 38 Isometric "point of interest" icons

  • 35 Watercolor "point of interest" icons

  • 14 Lines and markings (Xs, circles, lines)

  • 19 Compass Roses and Scales (various feet and mile scales)

  • 8 Buried treasure location battlemaps (bones, chest, coffin, crates, emtpy, no hole, trove of chests, Tree X marks the spot)

  • 7 Buried treasure location tokens to drag on to other maps


Note: This pack only contains Limithron's contributions to this kit (all treasure map making elements and the treasure pit battlemaps).

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