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Limithron's Topaz Dragon Lair

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated6 months ago
Created6 months ago
Systems All systems
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"My nerves can't take negotiating with a dragon. By all the tales Mystic Verdas tells, it's smarter than us, and doesn't care what our kind wants. How can a dwarf relate to what amounts to a hyper-intelligent, magic giant snake older than the world? Can't we just charge in and try to stick a spear through its neck? No double-speak, no trying to look calm – so much safer."

– Dalok Ingotborn, Dwarven Warrior Ambassador


Whether attacking the dragon or asking a favor, your setting is ready to go, with the Topaz Dragon Lair map. Other variations of this set include a Desert, Night, Lava, Rain, Toxic, a mystic Ritual, two different Underwater variations (one with a shipwreck & one without), and more – 14 versions in total. I’ve also created 5 interior maps to customize your lair encounter should the players make it that far. The resulting map combinations will accommodate a wide range of campaign settings.

Variations for this map (36 x 62, Hi-res JPEG files) include:

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Blood

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Day

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Desert

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Doom

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Interior Empty

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Interior Mirrors

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Interior Original

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Interior Topaz

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Interior Underwater

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Lava

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Night

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Original

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Plutonian Shore

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Rain

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Ritual

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Shipwreck

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Snow

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Toxic

  • Topaz Dragon Lair: Underwater

The Foundry module for this set includes walls, lighting, and sound effects where appropriate. However, it does not make use of the Multi-Level Token, so you will have to load players into the Interior map if they discover it.


If you’d like even more great maps, join our crew to get all the great variations on my Patreon. Also, be sure to stop by to see the trailer on my upcoming Kickstarter Pirate Borg, a setting-neutral Mörk Borg pirate supplement – coming soon!

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