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Limithron's Swamp

Latest version1.2.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated10 months ago
Created2 years ago
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The swamp is a place of mystery for pirates and adventurers alike. Teeming with life – not all of it friendly – the bayou is a place of beauty and danger, where lush plant life barely distracts from fears of decomposition and death. Then add a witch's cabin into the mix, or an ancient shipwreck mired in a bog, and your players will really be on edge.

The Swamp with Cabin/Shipwreck map set is designed to let you tailor the maps to your needs, while also offering excellent jumping-off points with several adventure ideas ready to go. Have your players sail into the swamp, and see where things go from there!

Swamp maps are 35x50; Cabin interior maps are 13x13.


20 swamp map variations include the following:

  • Swamp Cabin Candles
  • Swamp Cabin Inside
  • Swamp Cabin Interior Empty
  • Swamp Cabin Interior Hanging Props
  • Swamp Cabin Interior
  • Swamp Cabin Night
  • Swamp Cabin Rain
  • Swamp Cabin Roof
  • Swamp Dragon Turtle
  • Swamp Empty
  • Swamp Fireflys
  • Swamp Fog Sloop
  • Swamp Fog
  • Swamp Open Channel
  • Swamp Portal
  • Swamp Shell Mountain
  • Swamp Ship Interior
  • Swamp Ship
  • Swamp Will O The Wisp
  • Swamp Winter

Plus I've included 29 PNG assets – shipwrecks, will-o-the-wisps, the witch's cabin, and more – to make your swamp encounter a unique experience. There are versions in here for lots of different scenarios and settings, as well as easter eggs for fans of The Neverending Story, Empire Strikes Back, and Dead Man's Chest.


Foundry VTT Module

For those who upgrade to the Foundry VTT module, you'll get preset walls, lighting effects, ambient sound effects, and a detailed "hanging bottles" asset you can use to allow players to really feel the ambiance of the cabin.


Want more great maps like these? Come join my crew and support me on Patreon to get all my map releases and hear what I have in the works.

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