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Limithron's Shipwrecks

Latest version1.1.1
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.8
Last updated9 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Multilevel Tokens
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With up to 9 variations, there are plenty of adventure ideas in this pack. I used the Ship of the Line as the basis for this wreck. It's obviously a larger ship than many other shipwrecks, but you can always use the assets to leave out levels or resize it to your needs, and this ship is large enough that you can create a dungeon crawl in its ruins!


Maps Included (46x56 inches @ 140ppi)

  • Shipwreck Beach

  • Coral Reef Underwater

  • Eldritch Fog Underwater

  • Lava Trench

  • Forest Cliff

  • Seaside Cliff

  • Forest Cliff Night

  • Winter Seaside Cliff

  • Underwater Ghost Ship


Ship Piece Transparent Assets (transparent PNGs)

  • Underwater Bow, Stern, and all 4 decks

  • Land Bow, Stern, and all 4 decks

  • Background Maps (46x23 inches @ 140ppi)

  • Tropical Beach

  • Forest Cliff

  • Seaside Cliff

  • Coral Reef Trench

  • Lava Trench


I've also revisited the shipwreck theme in a collaboration with Domille (check out her Patreon here). The resulting set, titled Naval Battlefield, has been added to the Shipwrecks set to create a wide range of scenario options. Multiple ships are portrayed having a Very Bad Day™ – burning, capsized, surrounded by sharks, and so on. As always, there are several variations, listed below, as well as 39 PNG assets to customize your scene.


Naval Battlefield Maps Included (JPEG, 40x40)

  • Naval Battlefield - Beach - Three Wrecks

  • Naval Battlefield - Beached Ship

  • Naval Battlefield - Empty Beach

  • Naval Battlefield - Beach - Split Wreck

  • Naval Battlefield - Original

  • Naval Battlefield - Day

  • Naval Battlefield - Night

  • Naval Battlefield - Only Ocean

  • Naval Battlefield - Capsized

  • Naval Battlefield - Blood

  • Naval Battlefield - Sharks

  • Naval Battlefield - Sinking


Naval Battlefield Foundry VTT Module

The Foundry VTT Module includes all maps from both sets.

Multilevel Tokens, Always Show Notes required (installed automatically). Combines the 1st Rate Shipwrecks release and the Naval Battlefield release into one, mega, awesome Shipwrecks module. Assets are on a demo page and in the module folder. Just jump right in and start sinking ships!


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