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Limithron's Riverboat

Latest version1.1.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated11 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Multilevel Tokens
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For many, the pace of life on the river imposes a go-with-the-flow attitude – the river will help to get you downstream, and you can worry about coming back later. There are dozens of harbor towns along the way, and the right cargo traded well can make a merchant quite wealthy. However, this Riverboat adds a whole new consideration: it doesn't require the wind or the current. Like a wagon wheel, the rear paddle wheel pushes across the waters, surging onward for trade and adventure. And if there's time for a little unregulated gambling along the way, so much the better.

Each Riverboat map includes all ship decks for each variation. This set includes the original Riverboat, Steam Powered, Crystal Powered, the Riverboat Casino, and more – nine variations in all. I’ve also created 14 PNG deck assets of the different ship sections to customize or recombine as needed, plus the steam column and more.

Variations for this map (45x40, Hi-Res JPEG files, no watermark) include:

  • Riverboat - The Jewel of Al Ibra
  • Riverboat - Day
  • Riverboat - Casino
  • Riverboat - Casino Night
  • Riverboat - Empty
  • Riverboat - Night
  • Riverboat - No Weapons
  • Riverboat - Steam
  • Riverboat - Steam Night

Collaboration with Borough Bound

This map was created in collaboration with CzePeku and Music d20 for their project, Borough Bound – working to bring you fully-realized fantasy cities. One great thing about this collab is, if you're one of my patrons, you get to sample two releases —an intro to the city of Ancora Bay, as well the fourth release that details The Jewel of Al Ibra, a casino riverboat turned pirate ship! Come join my crew and support me on Patreon to benefit from sweet collaborations like this one, to get all my map releases, and hear what else I have in the works.

Foundry VTT

This module uses the Multilevel Token to move the players between decks. As always, the lighting, walls, and sound effects are preset for you, ready to drop into your game session.

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