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Limithron's Port Royal

Latest version1.1.1
Minimum Core0.7.7
Compatible Core10
Last updated6 months ago
Created11 months ago
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"...the most wicked and sinful city in the world"

No Caribbean campaign is complete without a visit to the pirate haven Port Royal! At its peak, it was more populated than New York and Boston, and it even rivalled London in size and importance. 

But you may not have heard the fascinating true story of this amazing place and the catastrophe that destroyed it. On a hot summer day in 1692, half of the peninsula was sucked into the sea from a massive earthquake that liquified the sand: first hand reports tell of people being sucked into the sand up to their heads, just to be eaten alive by dogs! A tsunami hit shortly after, causing even more chaos and destroying everything in its path. Many considered the quake to be the “terrible Judgement of God” for all the “ungodly debauched people” of the port.

The British relocated across the harbor to found Kingston, Jamaica, but the damage had been done and they took years to recover. 


I’ve included versions of the city map for both pre- and post-earthquake. After all, recreating this epic event inside your games is a must! I’ve also included two regions maps of the harbor: a full color version that could work great for exploring and naval combat, and a hand drawn version from after Kingston was established. 


The Foundry Module includes all maps setup with sound effects, walls, and lighting.

Included Maps

  • Port Royal Pre-Quake Day
  • Port Royal Pre-Quake Night
  • Port Royal Earthquake, Flood, and Tidal Waves
  • Port Royal Post-Quake Day
  • Port Royal Post-Quake Night
  • Port Royal Temperate (No Palm Trees)
  • Port Royal Rain
  • Port Royal Snow
  • Port Royal Harbour Region Map
  • Port Royal Harbour Region Map (No Scale Legend)
  • Port Royal & Kingston Harbour Old Map
  • Port Royal & Kingston Harbour Old Map (No Scale Legend)


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