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Limithron's Pirate Hideout

Latest version2.1.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated10 months ago
Created3 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Multilevel Tokens
Project source Project URL

Made possible by the support of my patrons, the Pirate Hideout is 4 levels of exploration goodness. The first two levels, Sea Cave & Forest floor, are included in this module. The other two levels are in another release, Treehouses & Treetops.

Features include:

  • Sea cave for hiding ships

  • Cargo lift from the cave up to the main platform

  • Elevators up to the main level and the treehouse

  • Rain Collector

  • Row Boat Davit Elevator

  • Bow Gun Dart Practice station

  • Shanty Town Marketplace

  • Warehouse

  • Voodoo workshop

  • Great Tree Meeting Place

  • Rooftop Garden

  • "Working" Draw Bridge

  • Shipwreck Captain's Cabin

  • Shipwreck Tavern

  • Treehouse Captain's Cabin

Foundry Module Details

Each module includes:

  • Walls and doors

  • Lighting and Lighting effects (candles, fey runes, ghost lights)

  • Sound effects (ocean waves, rain drips, voodoo cauldron boiling, etc)

  • Tiles for the drawbridge that are controlled via included macro (raise/lower). Make sure to load and use the Macros for the drawbridge!

  • Multilevel Token support (Mega Map only). Players can move their tokens around and change layers via stairs, elevators, and ladders. They are activated by playing a token in a green square then pressing the icon attached to that square.  Make sure you and your players turn Map Notes On via the left sidebar. Tokens at lower levels can be see from the higher levels.

Note: There are 5 modules in total: one for each layer and then a final module using the mega maps. Unless you need a specific layer or a variation that isn't in the mega map (i.e. just the sea cave, the treehouse over the open water), then I suggest just using the Mega Map version.

Included Maps & Assets

Sea Cave [33x47]

  • Original

  • Original with Sloop Docked

  • No Shipwreck

  • No Props

  • Fey

  • Fey No Shipwreck

  • Haunted

  • Haunted No Shipwreck

  • High Tide

  • High Tide No Shipwreck

  • Winter

  • Winter No Shipwreck

  • Winter No Props

  • 10 Side View Art Handouts

  • 3 Concept Art Handouts from inside the cave

  • Dinghy, Jetties, Shipwreck Stern, and Sloop PNG tiles 

Forest Floor [33x47] or [33x34]

  • Fey

  • Fey No Shipwreck + No Coast Version

  • Fey No Props + No Coast Version

  • Haunted

  • Haunted No Shipwreck + No Coast Version

  • Night

  • No Forest + No Coast Version

  • No Lower Level Access / Cave Opening

  • No Props + No Coast Version

  • No Shipwreck + No Coast Version

  • No Stern Shipwreck (Bow Tavern only)

  • Original

  • Original with Inside of the Fallen Tree

  • Rain

  • Snow

  • Fallen Tree Inside, Fallen Tree Outside, Great Tree Stairs, Bow Shipwreck Interior, Shipwreck masts, and Stern Shipwreck PNG tiles


Find the Pirate Hideout upper levels in the second part of this release, Pirate Hideout Treetops.

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