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Limithron's Oceans Islands and Ships

Latest version2.3.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated4 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Tile Scroll
Project source Project URL

This module contains 11 ready-to-use maps, 19 Ship Tokens for naval combat, and 50 Assets for making your own maps and encounters.


-The intended scale when using Ship Tokens is 50ft per square, but they could be used at any scale!

Included Maps (45x45, hi-res):

  • Open Water Original
  • Archipelago Tropical
  • Maelstrom
  • Shoreline
  • Legend and Above
  • Big Island
  • Oceanic Trench
  • Blue Hole
  • Open Water Ocean
  • Open Water Tropical
  • Archipelago Original

Included Assets:

  • 3 Different Water Mats (Original, Ocean, and Tropical) without Water Textures so you animate your water
  • 10 Islands and Land Masses
  • 4 Kelp Forests
  • 4 Whirlpools
  • 3 Shipwrecks
  • 3 Blue Holes
  • 7 Coral Reefs
  • 3 Eldritch Mists (Ghost Fog, Shadowfell Fog, & Wild Magic Fog)
  • 3 Regular Fog Clouds
  • 1 Seaside Fort
  • 1 Jungle Temple
  • Kraken Grave
  • Lure Lights
  • 3 Sandbars

Included Ship Tokens

  • Most are 2"x4", or 100ft x 200ft in game terms.
  • 5 Frigates (Original, Black, Red, Cross, and Ghost Ship)
  • 8 Sloops (Original, Black, Blue , Green, Red, Patchwork, Derelict, Ghost)
  • 6 Brand New Ship Tokens Previewing upcoming releases - 1st Rate Galleon, 3rd Ship of the Line, Brigantine, Tartane, Ship's Boat, and Dingy 


Tropical Coast Hex Tiles and Backgrounds

By popular demand, the Tropical Coast Hex Tile set is here! This tile set was designed to work very well with the Oceans, Islands and Ships set, so now I offer them together. 

I did something a bit different for the tiles – there are no "maps" per say (other than the free demo map). Instead you can drop these hex tiles onto 4 different background mats and make your own terrain. I find in my games I always need to tweak the terrain layout on the fly, and this set will let you do just that.

There are a total of 75 tiles, each 5 "normal" hexes tall, or 5 inches tall. There are several different sets so you can connect different biomes: water to sand, sand to jungle, jungle to rock, rock to water, rock to sand, and jungle to water. Plus I've included a bunch of single hex terrain features like islands, volcanos, and shoals.


VTT Setup for Hex Tiles

I found the best way to use these tiles is this:

  • Set the grid up for hex columns (flat tops).
  • Set the grid size to 162. This is the width of one hex. The height is 140 pixels, and 1"=140 pixels.
  • Drag on tiles and make the 140 pixels tall or 161 pixels wide.
  • Rotate and flip them as needed!
  • This will make your tiles 5 inches (or 5 hexes) across! Great for hex crawls!
  • I like to make my Ship Tokens 1 hex wide by 3 hexes tall.
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