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Limithron's Merchant Outpost

Latest version1.1.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated11 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
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All pirates, sailors, and ocean-going passengers need supplies on occasion, right? That's where merchants come in – ready to ply their wares in a ramshackle hut, a lavish tent, or a creaky wooden cabin. Wherever the money goes, merchants will be there to offer an excellent deal... or three. Perhaps you'd also be interested in this monkey statue my uncle found deep in the jungle – truly a one-of-a-kind keepsake!

The Merchant Outpost module has 6 exterior map variations, and the corresponding 6 interior maps, plus an "empty" version that you can set up however you like with the 29 building assets I've included. Your players will find this spot a worthwhile port of call for many sessions to come.

Variations include the following (maps are 32x46):

  • Merchant Outpost Day Exterior
  • Merchant Outpost Day
  • Merchant Outpost Empty
  • Merchant Outpost Fog Exterior
  • Merchant Outpost Fog
  • Merchant Outpost Haunted Exterior
  • Merchant Outpost Haunted
  • Merchant Outpost Night Exterior
  • Merchant Outpost Night
  • Merchant Outpost Rain Exterior
  • Merchant Outpost Rain
  • Merchant Outpost Temperate Exterior
  • Merchant Outpost Temperate

Plus 29 PNG assets of the shops, shop roofs, tent flaps, and more.


In this Foundry module, I've built each building as layered tiles, allowing for rooftops to be removed as characters enter each structure. Also, the walls and lighting is ready to go, as usual.


Want more great maps like these? Come join my crew and support me on Patreon to get all my map releases and hear what I have in the works.

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