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Limithron's Jungle Temple

Latest version1.2.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated5 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Project source Project URL

Deep in the steamy jungles, beneath a giant tree, lies a secret hidden from the world for ages. A young boy dreams of climbing down between the massive tree’s roots, and entering a world of ceremonies to a long-slumbering god. That boy is now old enough to trick a ship’s crew into taking him to the jungle from his dreams. Has the young man actually been to this hidden temple? Or is something luring him here for another purpose?

In the Jungle Temple map, I was channeling tomb raiding vibes, which will become apparent as your players delve into the ruins. Seven temple variations include embedded in ice, a wholly submerged variant, one flowing with lava, and more (see the list below). Also, I’ve created an isometric map of the temple – both with and without location numbers. As always, these are pre-lit, walled, and ready to go in Foundry.


My Patreon supporters will be seeing lower levels of this temple soon, as it dovetails with Pirate Borg – my upcoming pirate-themed Mörk Borg hack, now open for pre-orders, releasing Fall 2022!

Jungle Temple variations include the following (JPEG maps are 22x23):

- Jungle Temple Blood Flood
- Jungle Temple Dungeon
- Jungle Temple Flooded
- Jungle Temple Ice
- Jungle Temple Isometric Labels
- Jungle Temple Isometric No Labels
- Jungle Temple Lava
- Jungle Temple Original
- Jungle Temple Underwater

If you’d like even more great maps, join our crew to get all the great variations on my Patreon. There's plenty of pirate goodness, and more glimpses of Pirate Borg will be forthcoming!

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