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Limithron's Juggernaut Airship

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This airship is The Juggernaut from the forthcoming Marlo's Mire by Swordfish Islands. There will be more art, plot hooks, and a detailed guide for the ship and its mysteries in that awesome book. I'm very happy to be a part of the project. 


It's also part of a group of airships/Spelljammer ships from the following awesome creators: Borough Bound, Cze & Peku, Tabletop RPG Music, Venatus Maps, & Zach Moeller.



Whether you sail The Juggernaut through the seas, the air, or the cold of deep space, the included variations have you covered. Six hi-res JPEG files map out every deck of the ship, in various settings. The set also includes 13 transparent PNG files to drop onto any map, and 4 seamless background files.

The Juggernaut Airship variations include the following (JPEG maps are 40x52):

  • Juggernaut Airship: Sky

  • Juggernaut Airship: Sky, No Jets

  • Juggernaut Airship: Sea

  • Juggernaut Airship: Ocean

  • Juggernaut Airship: Space!

  • Juggernaut Airship: Space, No Jets

I've built each building as layered tiles in Foundry, allowing for rooftops to be removed as characters enter each structure. Also, the walls and lighting are ready to go, as usual. This one is only set up for Foundry v10 and later, though, so if you aren't on v10 yet, be sure to back up your data and update before using this set.

If you’d like even more great maps, join our crew to get all the great variations on my Patreon.

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