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Limithron's House of Burlesque Maps

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Welcome to The Treasured Chest, the finest "house of ill repute" this side of the Caribbean! These nine maps, in gridded & non-gridded versions, offer a wide selection of hot spots for your adventuring crew to explore. This started as a commission for a friend of mine, but transformed into so much more. There are plenty of RPG tavern maps... but it is not as easy to find a map for when your PCs are actually looking for a place to encounter a lady or gentleman of the night. 

But why stop there? Here are some adventure hooks to get your players into one of these fun venues that don't necessarily have to take place in the Red Light District:

  • Dark Sails: The madam and her staff have the best intel in town on all the latest jobs, heists, and cargo hauls... and they have just learned of a recently wrecked treasure fleet of a nearby coast...

  • The Drunk Saint: On a stormy night near the winter solstice, the players encounter a strange old druid dressed in red who has had a few too many ales and can't complete an important delivery mission on his own...

  • Live from the Chest: A bard has an upcoming performance at a intimate concert hall akin to The Eolian in Name of the Wind...

  • The Light Wizard: A mysterious Illusion wizard can only be found once a month... performing a light show at an underground night club...

  • Red vs. Blue: One of the characters has been challenged to a brawl at a clandestine fight club...

  • The Gang Buys A Bar: The party has purchased a run down old tavern, but the place needs repairs and furniture...

There are many fun details hidden in these maps, so be on the lookout for: a dressing room for performers, a green room for the minstrels, a champagne room, the boss's quarters, a hidden staircase, a hookah lounge, a wizard's light magic station, poker tables, and much, much more.


A Serious Note

Sex Workers have human rights. If you choose to use sex workers in your games, please be respectful! You can learn more about the issue at: .


Foundry VTT Module

The Foundry Module (v10) includes interactive lighting. The candles, fireplace, and crystal spot lights are lit up on most of the maps. Special attention was given to the Christmas lights on Santa Baby, and all of the crazy stuff in the Wizard Rave. When I'm not creating gaming products, I'm a touring concert lighting designer, so I went extra wild on this version!


Variations included (JPEG):

  • Brothel Night

  • Brothel Day

  • Music Venue

  • Fight Club

  • Wizard Rave

  • Santa Baby (Christmas Theme)

  • No Crystals

  • Open Room

  • Empty (fill as you see fit!)

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