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Limithron's Havana

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Created1 year ago
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Welcome to Havana, the Spanish "capital" in the Caribbean. Of course, my Havana map can be used for any large port in any campaign setting, but this map was designed using historic maps of the famous Cuba city. I've included 10 versions of the map, plus a few versions of the original with labels and hex grids – 12 variations in all. The labels don't currently have a guide to them – they are just there for your own reference as a DM – but you can bet your gold doubloons that this location will make an appearance in the upcoming Dark Caribbean book I'm working on!

The main version is designed in the style of the great Mike Schley, and the intent is for it to slot right in with other maps from adventures you might be running. Then of course you've got a Haunted version for when the town is overrun with undead, a few Mörk Borg versions (I couldn't pick my favorite), and a vintage black & white nod to the first 1988 Mac version of Sid Meier's Pirates! Oh, and don't swim in the Blood Cove...

Be sure to take a look at the rest of the variations, and think about becoming my supporter on Patreon to get all of my new maps each month. As my supporters know, I’ve already visited Port Royal and Nassau Town – you could join us!


JPEG Map Variations:

  • Original
  • GrimDark
  • Vampire
  • Mörk Borg
  • Mörk Borg 2
  • Grid Labels
  • No Labels
  • Muted
  • Old Map
  • Haunted
  • Night
  • Vintage


Foundry VTT Module

The Foundry Module for this map is pretty straightforward: no walls, but most versions have lighting that will turn on when you lower the ambient lighting of the map, and the night and ghost version start that way. If you haven't played on a Virtual Tabletop yet, give Foundry a try – your players will be amazed by the immersive quality of your game!

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