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Limithron's Galley Ships Updated

Latest version1.2.0
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Last updated11 months ago
Created1 year ago
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Beware a fully manned Galley! Reminiscent of early Mediterranean warships, this massive naval vehicle can transport troops very quickly. I've created some fantasy inspired variations including Dwarven, Wood Elf, High Elf, Dark Elf, Minotaur, Dragon Viking, and Ghost Ship – 13 ship map variations in all. Each ship map comes with a 4x8 naval combat token, and a hi-res transparent background version of each ship. Additionally, this release provides 80 ship parts & props, giving you all the tools needed to make your own galley ships, including an assortment of masthead figures. There are also three water backgrounds to choose from.  


The Foundry VTT Module includes all maps with dynamic lighting and walls preset, ready to play. For v10, we've added sound effects and tile scroll (required).


Variations include each of the following as JPEG, combat token, & hi-res PNG:

  • Galley - Square Sails
  • Galley - Dark Elves
  • Galley - Dragon Viking
  • Galley - Dwarven
  • Galley - Ghost
  • Galley - High Elves
  • Galley - Lower Double Oars
  • Galley - Lower Empty
  • Galley - Lower Empty Rooms
  • Galley - Lower Hotel
  • Galley - Minotaur
  • Galley - Triangle Sail
  • Galley - Wood Elves


80 Ship Parts & Props (PNG) include:

  • Ballistas Token
  • Bow Armor Token
  • Double Oars Topdeck Overlay Token
  • DragonTail Blue Token
  • Hull Dark Elf Token
  • Hull Dwarven Token
  • Hull High Elf Token
  • Hull Minotaur Token
  • Hull Original Token
  • Hull Viking Token
  • Hull Wood Elf Token
  • Lower Deck Hotel Blue Token
  • Lower Deck Hotel Green Token
  • Lower Deck Hotel Purple Token
  • Lower Deck Hotel Red Token
  • Masthead Dragon Black Token
  • Masthead Dragon Blue Token
  • Masthead Dragon Brown Token
  • Masthead Dragon Gray Token
  • Masthead Dragon Green Token
  • Masthead Dragon Purple Token
  • Masthead Dragon Red Token
  • Masthead Dragon White Token
  • Masthead Dragon Yellow Token
  • Masthead Minotaur Horns Token
  • Masthead Stag Token
  • Masthead Swan Token
  • Oars Dark Token
  • Oars White Token
  • Oars Wooden Token
  • Ram Black Token
  • Ram Gold Token
  • Ram Silver Token
  • Sails Square Black Token
  • Sails Square Dragon Blue-White Token
  • Sails Square Dwarven Token
  • Sails Square Green-White Token
  • Sails Square Minotaur Token
  • Sails Square Red Token
  • Sails Square Red-Black Token
  • Sails Square Red-White Token
  • Sails Square White Token
  • Sails Tri Black Token
  • Sails Tri Blue Token
  • Sails Tri Canvas Token
  • Sails Tri Gold Token
  • Sails Tri Green Token
  • Sails Tri Purple-Black Token
  • Sails Tri Red Token
  • Sails Tri White-Silver Token
  • Shelter Black Token
  • Shelter Blue Token
  • Shelter Brown Token
  • Shelter Canvas Token
  • Shelter Green Token
  • Shelter Purple Token
  • Shelter Red Token
  • Shelter White Token
  • Shelter Gray Token
  • Shields Blue-White Dragon Token
  • Shields Bronze Token
  • Shields Dark Elf Token
  • Shields Stone Token
  • Shields Wooden Token
  • Stern Armor Statues Token
  • Stern Wings Blue Token
  • Stern Wings Green Token
  • Stern Wings Purple Token
  • Stern Wings Red Token
  • Tent Black Token
  • Tent Canvas Token
  • Tent Green Token
  • Tent White Token
  • Throne Green Token
  • Throne Blue Wooden Token
  • Throne Brown Token
  • Throne Purple Token
  • Throne Silver Blue Token
  • Throne Stone Token
  • Water Wake Galley Token


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