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Limithron's Dragon Turtle

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The Dragon Turtle is one my favorite creatures, and I'm very excited to present my first creature map and asset pack featuring the monstrous beast! This pack has a whopping 16 variations and includes 18 assets (5ft scale) and 11 tokens (50ft scale).  You'll also get a setting to hunt for this epic creature, Rattleground Island: 4 maps of the island, the perfect lair for one of these beasts (Rattleground is an anagram for "Dragon Turtle"). 


Turn your session into a monster hunt, and reveal the massive kaiju for a final fight to the death! The Rattleground package also includes print-ready PDFs of all Dragon Turtle map files to make your tabletop session memorable. This map is great for any number of naval adventures.


Map variations include:

  • Original

  • Dead

  • Fins

  • Silhouette

  • Shipwreck Backpack

  • Shipwreck Backpack Silhouette

  • Shipwreck Island

  • Desert Island

  • Iceberg Backpack

  • Blue

  • Iceberg

  • Iceberg Silhouette

  • Color Variant - Green

  • Color Variant - Tan

  • Rock Backpack

  • Rock Backpack Silhouette


Rattleground Package includes:

  • Rattleground Island Map Handout

  • Rattleground Bay Map

  • Rattleground Island Map

  • Rattleground Sea Cave Map


Inside the Belly of the Beast!

Every so often, the heroes get swallowed! Or perhaps the beast is dead, and the carcass still has to be dealt with. This map has been in my queue for months and decided to finally get it out, extending the versatility of the original release. It includes 18 different versions of inside the Dragon Turtle, plus tiles and assets to make your own versions. Of course, you could use the maps to be inside any large creature, but the tiles are designed to overlay on the original Dragon Turtle map. I'm offering the Interior maps as a separate download option, which will provide 18 variations.


Interior Map variations (in both PNG & JPG) include:

  • Interior - Acid

  • Interior - Acid Hole

  • Interior - Blood Hole

  • Interior - Bones

  • Interior - Bones Hole

  • Interior - Eggs

  • Interior - Empty

  • Interior - Empty Hole

  • Interior - Guts

  • Interior - Offspring

  • Interior - Shipwreck

  • Interior - Tavern Hole

  • Interior - Tavern Portal

  • Interior - Tavern Portal - Green

  • Interior - Treasure

  • Interior - Water

  • Interior - Wizard Lab (No Glow)

  • Interior - Wizard Lab (Purple Glow)


Foundry VTT Module

Since the Dragon Turtle release was before I was making Foundry modules, I've combined both releases into one massive Foundry module. The module uses the overhead foreground tiles so as you enter the Dragon Turtle, first the shell disappears, and then the different organs! In addition, there are so many options between the type of turtle, the background, the interior, and the shell that I developed a "Make Your Own Dragon Turtle" scene with four macros that let you choose each element. (I think this is the first map I've done where I actually spent more time on developing the module that making the visual assets!)

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