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Limithron's City Port Docks

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated6 months ago
Created7 months ago
Systems All systems
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Ah, to spend your days down at the docks. Crack open an old bottle of rum, go fishing on the docks, sell your catches in the marketplace, then pass out in an alley under a palm tree. It's a pirate's life for me!


Whether you envision a confrontation over smuggled cargo, escape from a military embargo, or pirates just being pirates, the City Port Docks have something for you. This might be my favorite map yet.... I just love the vibe. I want to live here. Hopefully your players will love it just as much.


11 Variations for this map (Hi-Res JPEG files) include:

  • Original Docks

  • Empty Docks map – set up your own port to meet your scenario's needs.

  • Night

  • Temperate Climate

  • Docks with Ships (my speciality)

  • Mörk Borg & Grim Dark versions

  • No Lighthouse – let ship captains beware!

  • Haunted

  • Bioluminescence – a jellyfish migration, perhaps?

  • Stormy


Plus I've created 27 PNG assets of buildings, the lighthouse, docks, and more to customize your docks just the way you like them, or use on other maps.


Foundry VTT Module

For those who upgrade to the Foundry VTT module, you'll get preset walls, lighting effects, ambient sound effects, and an overhead tree layer.

Want more great maps like these? Come join my crew and support me on Patreon to get all my map releases and hear what I have in the works.


Enjoy, and happy sailing!

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