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Limithron's Cultist Cave

Latest version1.1.1
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated6 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems All systems
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As we moved deeper into the network of jungle catacombs – which spread out and downward like the roots of a massive tree – our group happened upon a rough staircase carved into the earth. A damp breeze wafted up to us, and as we began our descent, Evans thought he heard the echo of singing, or chanting perhaps. If only we had delayed our exploration, had waited for more manpower – Evans might not have met the fate that ultimately befell him.
Continuing the tomb exploration theme, I present the 2nd level of the Jungle Temple in Pirate Borg, the Cultist Cave. You can connect this to the the Jungle Temple via the large round door on the northern part of this map, or use it as a standalone location!
I've made ten variations for you, plus an isometric map (with and without labels). The final altar room comes with several PNG assets so you can have a gold, jade, or rock altar, cover it in blood, or have a secret passage to an even lower level!

Cultist Cave variations include the following (JPEG maps are 30x57):

- Cultist Cave Blood
- Cultist Cave Dark
- Cultist Cave Dungeon
- Cultist Cave Empty
- Cultist Cave Flooded
- Cultist Cave Hole
- Cultist Cave Ice
- Cultist Cave Lava
- Cultist Cave Original
- Cultist Cave Underwater
- Cultist Cave Isometric (blank)
- Cultist Cave Isometric with Labels
If you’d like even more great maps, join our crew to get all the great variations on my Patreon. Preorders for Pirate Borg are still open – the game is due to release Fall 2022. Book your passage now!
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