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Limithron's Crashed Nautiloid

Latest version1.1.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated10 months ago
Created3 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Multilevel Tokens
Project source Project URL

As you summit the hill, you spot thick clouds of smoke smoldering in the distance. Getting closer, you spot debris of metal and chunks of a purple alien material scattered around the ground. Then you see it: the terrifying wreckage of what resembles some kind of sea creature, its long tentacles and massive shell silhouetting the surroundings. Did it die at sea and drift ashore? Except there is something strange about the wreckage... it clearly has decks and doors! It's a NAUTILOID! You fear powerful, brain eating creatures might be nearby!

As promised, here is part 2 of the Nautiloid release: 15 different wreck sites, many with day & night versions. Beach, snow, jungle, rocks, fire, desert, and of course, underwater. These could be different biomes in your campaign, or perhaps you take a page out of George Lucas's book and make each a different planet!

DMs running storylines with mysterious creatures crashing ships from beyond imagining will find this map useful. Similar to Nautiloids in other campaigns, I have adapted and redesigned the floor plans to make them my own and more interesting. If you want to run a quest where Pirates of the Caribbean meets H.P. Lovecraft, this release is for you!

Due to the nature of drawing this map, there are no PNG assets or background with this release. If you were hoping to crash one of the other versions of the ship featured in the Nautiloid release, contact me on Discord and I will see what I can do (no promises!)

The Foundry VTT Module implements Multilevel Tokens so your players can explore the wreckage without the DM having to move around character tokens: opening doors and using staircases will teleport tokens to the correct section of the map. There are also ambient sound effects and lighting throughout every map.


Map Variations include:

  • Beach Day
  • Beach Night
  • Winter Day
  • Winter Night
  • Underwater
  • Fire Day
  • Fire Night
  • Forest Day
  • Forest Night
  • Desert
  • Forest Coast
  • Moon/Rocky
  • Jungle
  • Blizzard
  • Winter Coast


Foundry VTT Module includes:

  • Multilevel Token Support on all Maps
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Ambient Sound Effects
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