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Limithron's Capsized Galleon

Latest version1.1.2
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated11 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Better Roofs
Project source Project URL

This massive sideways shipwreck is designed as a "ship dungeon" for you to stock with whatever tidal beasts seem appropriately challenging. I've taken a few liberties with the inside of the ship, exchanging historical realism for improved gameplay. You'll find the ship tightly adheres to the grid, and the "doors" can be described as open or closed hatches, stairwell, ladder ways, etc. Plus, there are only a few entrances, which can provide a certain flow to exploring it.


One of the variants has a "blue hole" and I have some cool ideas planned for that since blue holes are such fun and mysterious locations, so stay tuned for an entire blue hole release with lava tubes, underwater tunnels, lure lights, and more!


Variations (52x36, hi-res JPEGs) include:

  • Beach Exterior/Interior

  • Blue Hole Exterior/Interior

  • Coral Exterior/Interior

  • Dark Beach Exterior/Interior

  • Deep Exterior/Interior

  • Haunted Exterior/Interior

  • Ice Exterior/Interior

  • Original Exterior/Interior


Foundry VTT Module

As always, walls and lighting are preset. Overhead exterior ship tiles have been created for each room, and you can see them in use on the "Capsized Galleon Overhead Tiles" scene. This method might prove clunky for some groups and GMs,  put perfect for others.  You can find the tiles in /module/limithron-capsizedgalleon/tiles or copy them from that scene if you wish to use them on a different version of the map.


I've also used the Better Roofs module on this release, which allows the players to see the entire wreck exterior when they aren't inside the ship. It's not required, but the experience is MUCH better!

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