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Limithron's Bronze Dragon Lair

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated6 months ago
Created6 months ago
Systems All systems
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Ah, the tropics! Warm breezes, exotic foods, and the sound of the sea as a constant companion. The pace of life here is less hectic, as if the inhabitants intend to savor every day in these idyllic surroundings. Men have made these islands home for generations, and when they left these ruins, it seemed a perfect place to keep my hoard. What? Can’t a dragon enjoy the sun and sand as well? The place was move-in ready.

The Bronze Dragon Lair map is inspired by the Mayan ruins at Tulum, with weathered ruins alongside azure waters and swaying palms. Other variations of this set include a Temperate climate, a Desert, Night, Lava, Ice, Rain, and more. I’ve also created an interior map for exploring hidden sea caves, which GMs can use to add dragon lairs, treasure hoards, siren dens, and pirate hideouts as needed. The ruins also have a small interior with a descending staircase so you can connect this map to any other dungeon map you see fit. In all, the nine maps will accommodate a wide range of campaign settings.

Variations for this map (36 x 62, Hi-res JPEG files) include:

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Desert

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Ice

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Interior

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Lava

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Night

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Rain

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Temperate

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Tropical

  • Bronze Dragon Lair Tropical Lava

Foundry module for this set includes walls, lighting, and sound effects where appropriate. However, it does not make use of the Multi-Level Token, so you will have to load players into the Interior map if they discover it.


If you’d like even more great maps, join our crew to get all the great variations on my Patreon. Also, be sure to stop by to see the trailer on my upcoming Kickstarter Pirate Borg, a setting-neutral Mörk Borg pirate supplement – coming in April 2022!

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