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Limithron's Atlantis Temple

Latest version2.2.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core11
Last updated8 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Multilevel Tokens
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“Confronted at last with the Atlantis I had formerly deemed largely a myth, I was the most eager of explorers. At the bottom of that valley a river once had flowed; for as I examined the scene more closely I beheld the remains of stone and marble bridges and sea-walls, and terraces and embankments once verdant and beautiful.”  - The Temple, H.P. Lovecraft


Behold, an underwater ruin... part of the fabled city of Atlantis! This ancient legend has a place in every pirate or naval campaign, but I prefer the darker twist: Atlantis did not just fall into the sea: it was consumed by evil powers deep beneath the waves! From mountainside discovery to Lovecraftian nightmare ceremony, one of the eight variations (below) has you covered. May all your adventurers find Deep Ones invoking the Great Cthulhu within!


Oh, and those some dark, ominous stairs at the back of the temple? Later this month I’ll be releasing a dungeon map to accompany the temple. Subscribe on Patreon and you’ll be the first to know all my nefarious plans!


Variations include each of the following as hi-res JPEG files:

  • Underwater - Upper
  • Underwater - Lower
  • Lovecraft Coast - Upper
  • Lovecraft Coast - Lower
  • Grassy Mountainside - Upper
  • Grassy Mountainside - Lower
  • Tropical Jungle Coast - Upper
  • Tropical Jungle Coast - Lower
  • Lovecraft Submerged - Upper
  • Lovecraft Submerged - Lower
  • Lovecraft Portal - Upper
  • Lovecraft Portal - Lower
  • Lovecraft Day - Lower
  • Lovecraft Day - Upper
  • Lovecraft Night - Lower
  • Lovecraft Night - Upper


  • Also includes 11 Statue & Statue Fragment Assets


This location, and overall vibe, will fit right at home in my upcoming setting book The Dark Caribbean (coming to KickStarter later this year). The Wretched, a faction of dark cultists and monsters from the deep, search endlessly for the ruins of Atlantis, for it is rumored that underneath the ruins lives many great secrets and untapped wells of power.


Atlantis Temple Ruins Foundry VTT Module

The Foundry VTT Module includes all maps with dynamic lighting, walls, and Multilevel token support, ready to play.



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