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Systems CoC7
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This module is completely inspired by Polyglot, in an attempt to replicate its features to the languages of our world.

Its name comes from the Call of Cthulhu system skill, which enables an investigator to find a piece of information, such as a certain book, newspaper, reference in a library, etc.


This module is not intended (and could not) be a Google Translate. All text conversions for the languages of our world are nothing more than a search for random words from the target language word lists for aesthetic purposes and immersion within a role-playing game.

Please note: this module is currently only available for the Call of Cthulhu system.


  • Each player can send messages in the chat and create paragraphs on journal entries they own in different languages that their character knows (has the skill on the sheet); these texts can only be read in their original content by Keeper and other players who also have characters who speak the language (please see the Supported Languages below to see which languages are available).
  • Those who do not know the language will see the text with the words replaced randomly, in the aesthetics of the target language.
  • The Keeper can send messages and create paragraphs on journal entries in any of the Supported Languages.
  • Both the player who has a character who knows the language and the Keeper can at any time take a look at the scrambled version of the original text, either in the chat (by clicking on the label) or in the journal entry (by hovering over the paragraph);
  • There is a secret language in this module: Cthulhian. Texts written in this language can only be read by characters who have a Cthulhu Mythos skill value greater than or equal to the value defined in the module settings. It can be shown in the form of text or runes (also defined in settings).
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