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FVTT libWrapper

Library for Foundry VTT which provides package developers with a simple way to modify core Foundry VTT code, while reducing the likelihood of conflict with other packages and making troubleshooting easier.



The libWrapper library is intended to be used as a replacement for traditional monkey-patching methods, to make interoperability and troubleshooting easier.

It provides a standardized API, improving consistency and compatibility while reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

Its wrapping mechanisms attempt to detect and prevent conflicts between different packages. When conflicts cannot be prevented, libWrapper aids troubleshooting by notifying the game master of what went wrong, and which packages are responsible.

  Traditional monkey-patching libWrapper
Conflict troubleshooting Requires waiting until something goes wrong.
User is responsible for figuring out if an error is caused by a conflict, and which package(s) caused it.
Able to detect most conflicts and warn the user, in many cases automatically upon game launch.
Error Detection None by default. When any error occurs, libWrapper will detect which package(s) caused it (if any), and tell the user.
API None.
Each developer is on their own.
Provides a standard API enforcing best-practices with included error-checking.
Wrapper execution order Package execution order, i.e. random. Customizable.
Developers can request to run first or last, if their module requires it.
Game masters can troubleshoot conflicts by prioritising or deprioritising packages.
Edge cases Each developer must understand the intricacies of Javascript. Handled automatically and transparently.



Note: Images may be out-of-date.



See the project Github page for usage and documentation.

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2 years ago

This is such a cool library module! The most amazing part of it is the inter-module compatibility it enables with a simple and resilient way to modify core methods. Thank you for making and maintaining this ❤️

2 years ago

This is basically a necessity at this point. There is just no way around this module. Without it, the module ecosystem wouldn’t be at the point where it is right now. It makes it so much easier to adjust core functionality while playing nice with other modules.
Regular users probably don’t need to install this explicitly, but I recommend using it as a dependency to any fellow module developer who wants to adjust core functionality!
Thank you for maintaining this!

Last edited 2 years ago by ghost
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