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Hell Comes Knocking

Latest version1.0.1
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated1 year ago
Created1 year ago
Systems All systems
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The town of Ardynshire is beset by a mysterious plague. The local monastery is now a charnel house. You have arrived to discover that something is knocking on doors at night and leaving carnage in its wake. Can you save Ardynshire, or will you become an emissary of the darkness?

Over the past month, a plague swept through Ardynshire, infecting anyone foolish enough to step foot outside. Then, survivors began hearing knocking on neighbors’ doors in the dead of night; those same neighbors would invariably turn up dead or missing in the morning . The townsfolk, concerned and hopeless, believed the plague to be a punishment from their god. 

The truth was that the abbot of the local monastery attempted to cut a deal with a powerful demon, Arsanisax, in the hopes that glory would be restored to the monastery and town. The demon broke free of its fetters and slaughtered the monks. It then unleashed a plague upon the townsfolk who came to the monastery for healing. When those who went in never came out, people began hiding inside their homes. 

The demon began to animate the monastery’s statues to root out the remaining townsfolk. Those who can be useful as fuel to summon more demons are brought back to the monastery, while those who are deemed unfit are killed. 

If Arsanisax can assemble an army of dead things, statues, and demons, he intends to turn the entire countryside around Ardynshire into his demonic playhouse. And with only a handful more sacrifices required, he’s nearly there.

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