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Tome of Beasts III Lairs

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Systems Dnd5e
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Tales from the Shadows Cover
Tome of Beasts 3 Lairs for 5th Edition Cover

Epic Adventures Featuring Tome of Beasts 3 Creatures!

  • An abandoned bardic college plagued by alluring ghostly music.
  • A remote woodland guarded by overgrown carnivorous denizens.
  • An ancient volcano awakened by an extraplanar portal at its heart.

Created for the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, these 23 standalone adventures feature new monsters from Kobold Press’s Tome of Beasts 3. Run these as side quests alongside your ongoing campaign or as a one-shot change of pace. With adventures suitable for heroes of level 1-12, there are enough dangers — and pandemonium — for everyone!

This Kobold Press conversion for FoundryVTT includes:

  • Ready to Play: Choose which adventure lairs — or all of them — with their related items you want to import into your new or existing world with a click of a button using the adventure installer found in the compendium.
  • Scenes: Play on over 23 beautiful, high-resolution, and originally designed scenes optimized for web delivery. 
  • Art: Dozens of high-resolution illustrations to delight your players and provide context. 
  • Pre-Walled and Lite Scenes: All maps feature walls, windows, doors, and lighting (where needed) that let your players explore without seeing anything they shouldn’t.
  • Area-By-Area Detail: Journal entries are available for every area on the map with a click, including links to other relevant areas, nearby creatures, and all the treasures your players can loot.
  • Beautiful Journals: All journals are complete and styled as they are in the printed book for easy reference back and forth.
  • Macros to trigger taps, swap out overlapping corridors, or turn off a Wall of Force and accompanying lighting effect.

Play Immediately: All creatures in each adventure include beautiful tokens and fully built-out stat blocks. Each token, along with its beautiful artwork, is placed on the map where and how you’d expect them.

Requirements: A licensed version of Foundry Virtual Tabletop (v10+), the DND5e – Fifth Edition System game system, and the latest Dynamic Active Effects module

What is included? A premium content registration key. See for details.

Foundry Conversion: Clayton Thomson

Gear Up For Full Throttle 5th Edition Monster Mayhem!!


A screenshot showing a Tome of Beasts III Lair Adventure' A screenshot showing a Tome of Beasts III Lair Adventure' A screenshot showing a creature showcase of all creatures in the module.
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