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Jailbreak at the Insanatorium - A Humperdink's Wares Adventure

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Systems Dnd5e
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Jailbreak from the Insanatorium


A deadly search and rescue adventure behind enemy lines


What do you do when your buddy has been captured by anti-magic fascists and hidden in a teleportation-proof  'Insanatorium'? Why, airdrop in from the backs of giant eagles and break them out, of course!"


Jailbreak from the Inasanatorium is a Fifth Edition encounter optimised for four characters of 7th level. This dangerous infiltration is setting agnostic; run it as a one-shot or slot it into your campaign! The document contains all you need to guide your party through their exploration as well as the unique monsters and puzzles created especially for this setting.


The perfect adventure to use when a player has been imprisoned!


What's the Story?

The spellbreakers, anti-magic fascists, have captured Quobold the Kobold (or any NPC of your choice) and secreted her somewhere within the bowels of their anti-magic prison: The Insanatorium. The players are air-dropped into the prison by thorncloaks, a pro-magic guerilla faction resisting the spellbreakers.

Through negotiating with prisoners, interrogating spellbreakers, and defeating The Warden, the players can discover her secret location. Then, after most-likely raising the alarm (using this adventure's unique mechanic), they just need to find a way out...


Jailbreak from the Insanatorium includes the following resources:

  • Original monsters & story by Humperdink's Wares.
  • Two Insanatorium battlemaps by The Goblin Explorer.
  • Monster tokens and statblocks ready to drop in!
  • Fully-hyperlinked handouts. You can play this add on here on Foundry, or download the files and play it on your VTT of choice!



As a Humperdink's adventure, you can expect the following features and benefits:

  • Beautiful Artwork. Tons of creatures and NPCs with a plethora of tokens!
  • Professional Cartography. The Goblin Explorer makes some high quality maps, and we're lucky enough to have collab'd with him on this!.
  • Dynamic Lighting. Foundry's awesome lighting system is fully utilised in these adventures.

Quick Guide

System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 7
Length: Three-Shot (7-10 hours)
Foundry Installation: World

Foundry conversion by Plankdangerous of Gathering Hall Games.

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