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This is a system for running the second edition version of Ironclaw (the corebook named Ironclaw Omnibus: Squaring the Circle) in Foundry VTT.

The system has full sheets for characters and simpler sheets for 'mooks', ie. relatively unimportant / minor NPC's to be mass-copied onto the field, and beasts. The system also has multiple item types to represent gifts and the different gear characters can acquire, plus a general one with no mechanical systems to it.

Two sets of ready-made macros are included that can be used to roll arbitrary dice pools without creating an actor for them, as well as a quick macro for adding damage conditions.

The system does not include characters, gear, gifts or other notable game content from the Ironclaw books.

How to Use

For rolling actor dice pools, actor sheets have a button to open a dice poll popup, which allows you to select what pools to use for the roll. The system has some support for specific rolls to automatically pre-select relevant dice pools and add modifiers through hard-coded logic. This does require any added gifts to have the same name as they do in the books to function, but allows easier rolling of dice.

Weapons and gifts can be set up to automatically select certain dice pools, as well as giving extra dice for the roll automatically. The system also has internal logic to add relevant modifiers to the rolls. Armor and shields also work, but any added dice from gifts that the system does not auto-detect will need to be added manually.

The system has support for dragging items to the hotbar to create usable macros for their quick use. The specifics vary by item type, with usable items being used (weapons, gifts), "wearable" items changing their state (armors, shields, light sources) and others just outputting information to the chat (items, extra careers).


Ironclaw's initiative system is supported, both the normal side-based and the alternate classic style. Configuring the specifics is done through the combat tracker settings as normal, the system supporting a few different ways to classify sides in a battle. The system also auto-rolls the initiative check for battle participants when 'rolling' initiative.

The Combat Tracker will show the result of the initiative check before the initiative itself for the GM, either as the number of successes, or as Tie (T), Failure (F), or Botch (B).

How to Roll

To properly format and calculate the results from Ironclaw's dice system, the system has an internal 'dice roller' to parse the dice pools into the correct format for the FoundryVTT dice roller, accessible either through the actor sheets or by the included macros. Macros allow the dice to be set either by specifying how many of each die type is rolled, or though a 'one line' parser. Most popups also include an input for extra one line dice pools.

The 'One Line' macros allow the dice pools to be inputted in standard dice notation: "(number of dice)d(sides of the die), (number)d(sides)", for example "d12, 3d6,2d12". Each separate type of die must be separated with a comma, but the system automatically removes spaces between types. Multiple pools of the same type are automatically added together.


Setting up dice pools for items follows this format: "(trait or skill name), (another name);(any bonus dice in one line format)", eg. "Body, Melee Combat, dodge,weathersense;d12". The order of skills and traits are arbitrary and can include spaces in the name, but every name must be separated with a comma. The semicolon (;) separates the stat names from bonus dice, which are formatted the same way as one line rolls. If there is no bonus dice, the semicolon can be omitted, eg. "body,meleecombat". Likewise, if the stat only gives bonus dice (Strength, Veteran), the semicolon can be omitted and the bonus dice just given in one line format, eg. "d12".

The Effect field in weapons should be formatted so that every attribute is separated with a comma, eg. "Damage +2, Slaying, Awkward", for the damage auto-calculation system.

Currently, the system does not allow dice pools to include items. Instead, the system tries to track common gifts and items that should be included in dice pools, eg. including worn armor in Soak rolls. This is completely hard-coded though, so I'm afraid it won't be perfect.


The system has support for but does not require the Combat Utility Belt module ( ), specifically its Enhanced Conditions. When active, the system will try to use CUB conditions instead of the system default ones.

Step by step explanation to setting Combat Utility Belt's Enhanced Conditions up: There's a button in the right side menu under Game Settings (right-most tab) for "CUBPuter". It opens an 80's command line looking window. Click the  "Settings" and disable the "Use oldschool CRT styling" to get rid of that. Then click "Select gadget", choose Enhanced Conditions, enable it, and also enable "Remove Default Status Effects".
Then next, under CUPButer should be "Condition Lab". If you open it, it should have all the appropriate conditions already, as CUB should recognize the Ironclaw2E system and use its appropriate condition map. But in case there are any issues, here's how you use the condition map provided with the system: Open it, and select "Import" from top right. It should open a file picker, navigate inside FoundryVTT's data folder to get the condition map from Ironclaw2E's systems/ironclaw2e/condition-maps directory. (Default in Windows: %localappdata%/FoundryVTT/Data/systems/ironclaw2e/condition-maps )


The system has support for but does not require the Drag Ruler module ( ).


The system has support for but does not require the Chat Commands module ( ). If active, the system will register "/iroll", "/actorroll" and "/itemuse" commands.

The /iroll command will take a one line format input after the command to roll dice as a highest roll type, with a semicolon followed by a number at the end changing it to a TN roll. Eg. "/iroll 3d6,d8" or "/iroll 3d6,d8;5".
The /actorroll command takes a dice pool format input, again with an additional semicolon and number changing the default roll type from highest to TN. Eg. "/actorroll dodge,speed;d12" or "/actorroll will,presence;;3". In addition, /actorroll can take a simple "soak" or "defense" as input. In the former case, it will open a standard soak roll popup, while the latter opens a dodge defense popup, since "dodge" would normally refer to a roll of pure dodge skill, rather than the defense.
The /itemuse command takes an item name and uses that to activate a normal item use, as if the item was used through a hotbar macro. The *item* in this case refers to all things FoundryVTT considers items, not just the gear type. The name must be an exact match.



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This is a fan project, we are not associated with Sanguine Productions.

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