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Latest version2.0.4
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9.245
Last updated1 day ago
Created1 year ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Keybind Lib
Project source Project URL

This module allows users on the token layer to hover over actor tokens and see the character art.

If no character art exists, then the token art is used instead.



Required actor permission

Setting for game masters to configure the required actor ownership to see character art.

Default: None - All users can hover over any token and see character art.


Art on hover

Choose the type of artwork shown for tokens when hovered.

Default: Character art

Character art - Character art when possible.
Token art - Token art only.
Token art if wildcard - Token art if actor is wildcard(random image), otherwise character art.
Token art if unlinked - Character art for linked tokens only, otherwise token art.

Enable/Disable Image Hover

Option for each user to disable the module.

Default: On


Position of image

Each user can change the position of the character art to a corner of the screen (Bottom left/right

and Top left/right).

Default: Bottom Left


Image to monitor width

Option for each user to configure the size of the image based on the width of their monitor.

Default: 7 - Image will take up 1⁄7th of your screen.


Hover Delay

Each user can add a required hover time (miliseconds) before image shows up.

Default: 0.


Set a keybind requirement while hovering over a token.

If a keybind is set in Game settings-Configure controls, that key will be required to be pressed while

hovering over a token to see the art (Hover Delay is automatically changed to 0).

If no keybind is set, Art will be shown on token hover.


Hide art for specific tokens (Game master only)

If Hide Image Hover Art checkbox is ticked, art will not be shown to anyone on hover.


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11 months ago

Any idea when/if this will be updated for 0.8.6? It doesn’t seem to work anymore since Foundry was updated.

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