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Play ICRPG: Master Edition with a polished UI and a smooth user experience.
Build your characters in a matter of minutes, using the same character sheets as the paper version.
Discover the game at the official Runehammer website.

OFFICIAL Content Module is now available!

Check it out at


  • Easy to use character & monster sheets using the same layout as the official paper sheets.
  • Easy to use macros to speed up play! No more asking "wait, how do I roll this?"
  • Quick character creation. You don't need huge compendiums of items to build you characters. Simply fill the character with all your LOOTS, and it's done!
  • Two modes of usage: players can either fill in their sheets bonuses manually or the GM can create items in advance for players to drag and drop into their characters.
  • Custom combat tracker and initiative system, respecting the "table order" nature of ICRPG. You can even track obstacles for your encounters
  • GM toolbox: targets and timers. From the sidebar the GM can quickly create a target or timer for their scenes which will be shared with all other players
  • Custom tokens hearts. Replace the boring hp bars with custom ICRPG-themed hearts.
  • Heaps of free token images and cards for your games made by Runehammer himself.
  • Custom Foundry skin, specifically made to match the ICRPG vibes.
  • Comprehensive System Guide. You can find it in the "journals" section or in the compendiums.


Character Sheets

Monster Sheets

Token Hearts

Combat Tracker

Targets and Timers

Vehicle Sheet and Tracker


To install the system directly from Foundry, search for Index Card RPG: Master Edition in the "Install System" section (official guide).

Alternatively you can install the system directly by copying the manifest link below and pasting it into the manifest link input box:

Strongly suggested & compatible modules:

  • Dice So Nice!: 3d dice rolls for your games, giving more importance to the rolls. Also includes a custom ICRPG red dice template
  • Quick Insert: adds shortcuts to quickly search for items. If installed, ICRPG:ME character sheets will have quick insert buttons for faster loot/abilities insertion.
  • Dice Tray: adds shortcuts to quickly roll dice.
  • Combat Chat: adds the chat in the combat tracker, so you can have both open at the same time.
  • Dotted Grid: reduce the visual clutter of scens by using a dotted grid.

System design choices

This system has been consciously developed with "low automation" in mind. This choice has been motivated by the fact that automation in VTTs more often than not becomes a burden on the GM and players, with a lot of stuff to configure prior to the game or even during the game.

For example, when making a roll attempt, the target isn't automatically compared against the result to determine its success. The reason is for play speed: in a game you can have multiple targets (e.g. party split in different scenes) and in game scenes targets can vary very often (e.g. abilities making hard or easy rolls for particular situations).

Troubleshooting and bug reports

Submit any issues or feature requests here. You can also contact me on discord at ClipplerBlood#8146 if you have any feedback.


This project is being developed under the terms of the [LIMITED LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR MODULE DEVELOPMENT] for Foundry Virtual Tabletop and the RUNEHAMMER LICENSE.

The project is built with permission from the ICRPG creator Brandish Gilhelm (aka Hankerin Ferinale). All assets and designs have permission to be used and published.

Bases, cards and tokens included in this system are part of the free ICRPG CORE Online Play Assets bundle.

For development and redistribution of this project, see LICENSE for further details.

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