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Index Card RPG (ICRPG) by Runehammer Games takes classic tabletop mechanics for telling stories, making monsters and rolling dice, but throws out all the clunky parts that keep most folks from trying an adventure or two.

This Game System for Foundry VTT to allow easy creation and management of ICRPG player characters, NPCs and items.

Foundry VTT users now have no excuses anymore to not be playing ICRPG!

Index Card RPG System for Foundry VTT


Active Effects Integration:

    • Ability to modify actor and item features (e.g. stats, health, defense) though Active Effects 
    • Ability to associate Active Effects with Actors and Items 
    • Interface to add Active Effects 


More item types: 

    • Weapons, Armor, Spell, Ability
      • Weapons have OPTIONAL Durability and Mastery scores.  When a weapon has 0 Durability, attempting to attack with it will produce an error message.  
      • Armor has a Defense value that modifies the actor’s Defense score when equipped. Armor also has OPTIONAL Durability and Mastery scores. When that durability hits 0, the armor provides no Defense benefit.
      • Item, Weapon, and Armor Durability are OPTIONAL rules (See below) and are manually updated in the individual item in the “Loot” tab for each character. 
      • Spells have the 3 BASIC spell types (Holy, Infernal, Arcane)   
      • Spells also have OPTIONAL spell mastery values that can be updated to track spell-level mastery.
      • Spell and Weapon Effort values can be customized inside each item (e.g. 1d8 instead of 1d6 for weapon effort, etc)
      • Abilities have OPTIONAL mastery values that can be updated to track skill/ability mastery. 

Global Target: 

    • A global variable that holds a value from 1-99
    • Skill checks, Attribute Checks, Spell Checks and Attack Rolls should all go against that Global Variable (Scene Target). 
    • The ability to modify that value at any time
    • A large, position-able d20 that reflects the Global Target 

Basic Automation:

    • Players can now target NPCs or other Players
    • Items, Abilities and Spells on the character sheet can now be automatically rolled by clicking the d20 to the left of the item’s name.
    • The skill/item/spell roll will automatically check against the Global Target.
    • If successful, an effort roll pop up will appear.  Rolling effort will automatically deduct the result from the target HP.
    • If the “Use NPC Defense” option is enabled (see section 6) the attack will ignore the Global Target and use the NPC or Player’s Defense score.

New Character Sheet:

    • New Locked and Unlocked versions of the Character Sheet.  Unlocked allows players to manually edit Base, Loot and other fields.  Locked uses Armor and Abilities to modify the Loot values (not modifiable directly)
    • Added Stun Points for Core rules Spell Cost

Optional System Rules (set in the System Features menu) 

    • Allow a DM to have Attack and Spell rolls use an NPCs Defense instead of the Global Target
    • Disable OPTIONAL Item Durability
    • Disable OPTIONAL Spell Mastery 
    • Disable OPTIONAL Ability Mastery


In Foundry VTT, on the Configuration and Setup's Game Systems sheet, click the Install System button at the bottom, scroll down to Index Card RPG and click Install.

Alternatively, use the following Manifest URL to install the game system:


Many thanks to Brandish Gilhelm (also known as Hankerin Ferinale) of Runehammer Games for designing Index Card RPG! Tom acquired his permission to make this game system available to the Foundry VTT community as-is, without including any source material content such as item loot tables as compendia.

Many thanks to Tom for starting this whole thing moving along.

Countless thanks to Jesse (Enso) for the heavy lifting with the code.


Thanks to Diego Martinez for the Spanish localization!


For more information, visit the following pages:

  • Current Github System Repo:
  • Current Release Notes:



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