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Tailgating - Downtime Fun & Festivities by Humperdink's Wares

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Tailgating - Downtime Drinking Adventures


A Hilarious Selection of Games, Drinks, and Scams


Tailgating is a Fifth Edition setting for characters of any level. Use the activities to populate a city's festival, celebrate defeating a monster, or simply to fill you campaign with character and nuance!

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Before a Murderbowl match, fans of all teams get together to carouse and play drinking games. You can't really blame them; each game only lasts 2 minutes and it takes ages to cover the blood stains with fresh sawdust. Being drunk is practically a requirement to prevent death by tedium. Tailgating transforms Murderbowl from a series of intense, bloody, two-minute-long, bone-breaking matches to a day out for all the family!

The word 'tailgate' is derived from the pre-match, alligator-oriented, push-your-luck game the fans play: tail gatoring. Now it's evolved into a more sedentary affair with less limb loss and more hot dogs. Tailgates are filled with fun and food; this supplement details games and edibles you might find at such an event, as well as some less savoury characters you might encounter.


New Content for 5E!

This adventure brings you loads of new and exciting content!

  • 5 New downtime activities (12 with variants)
  • Magical beverages cortesy of Juice Head Brewery
  • 3 More-than-mundane junk foods
  • 2 Scandalous scams
  • New, advanced drunk rules
  • How to pickpocket your players!

What's in the Box?

This add-on contains everything you need to play the adventure (except your buddies, of course). We want to make your time as a DM as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. We aim to have the most user-friendly, ready-to-play adventure packages on Foundry. Santa's Evil Twin includes the following resources:

You can play this add on here on Foundry, or download the files and play it on your VTT of choice!


As a Humperdink's adventure, you can expect the following features and benefits:

  • Original Artwork. Loot Tavern produces beautiful original, artwork for you and your players to enjoy.
  • Professional Cartography. Cze and Peku make some of the best maps, and we're lucky enough to be able to bring you the fruits of their talented labours.
  • Dynamic Lighting. Foundry's awesome lighting system is fully utilised in these adventures.

Quick Guide

System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 5
Length: One-Shot (3-4 hours)
Foundry Installation: World


Foundry conversion by Plankdangerous of Gathering Hall Games

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