Mad Biomancer's Tower - A Humperdink's Wares Adventure

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A game-ready Foundry Virtual Tabletop adventure for the 5th Edition game system brought to you by Humperdink's Wares!

The infamous thief and gadgeteer, L’Arsène Upin, and his oft-pursued friend, Harried Houdinky, have set their sights on a most guarded treasure; the chromanova. However, with Houdinky misplaced whilst casing the joint, and L’Arsène’s last ‘subcontractors’ missing in action, he now turns to the party.

Using Houdinky’s magically graffitied audio messages, the players must navigate the traps and trials of Dr. Francis N. Stein’s abandoned wizard’s tower. Will they satiate the servants? Will they surpass the puzzles? And, most importantly, will they emerge from the biomancer’s abode unchanged, without having succumbed to one of Dr. Frank Stein’s biological experiments?

This free 5th edition one-shot, optimised for four 5th-level characters, is adapted from L’Arsène’s Ludicrous Larceny, an adventure designed by Humperdink’s Wares and Loot Tavern. Get the full PDF adventure on Patreon. The maps herein are generously provided by Tom Cartos, and the Foundry VTT conversion spearheaded by Plankdangerous of Gathering Hall Games. This couldn’t have been achieved without the Foundry VTT team, in particular Anathema, for whose help we’re very grateful.

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