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A House Divided

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Compatible Core12
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Created1 year ago
Systems Dnd5e
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What has happened to our family? I lament what we have become. The halls of Raventree Estate once echoed with love and joy. Now, there is only suffering. Some say that time heals all wounds, but betrayal leaves wounds that will never knit.

Is this the legacy I worked so hard to secure? Raventree in ruin. Trapped between life and death. Lost amidst shadow and chaos. A House Divided.

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A House Divided cover artwork.
An original 5th edition adventure designed exclusively for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

A House Divided is an original adventure written and created by the Foundry Virtual Tabletop team. The adventure is designed specifically for Foundry Virtual Tabletop and leverages advanced features of the software to provide a unique storytelling experience. This comprehensive adventure for the 5th edition of the world's best-known role-playing game provides a party starting at 5th level with over 100 hours of gameplay, carrying them to level 10 by the story's conclusion. 

A House Divided is a tale of gothic horror and familial drama. The adventure features immersive exploration and tactically challenging combat, but its primary gameplay emphasis is social interaction with a rich cast of nuanced characters. What choices will the party make within the halls of Raventree Estate? What allegiances will they forge and what betrayals will they commit? Will the heroes restore the manor to its former glory, release it from its torment, or seize its power for their own?

This Adventure Includes

An estimated 100 hours of non-linear gameplay at an unprecedented level of quality and production value. You and your players will be delighted, horrified, and amazed by Raventree Estate and the story which unfolds within its halls. The adventure's non-linear narrative offers considerable replayability where no two parties will follow the exact same path. 

Hundreds of pages of narrative, immersive area descriptions, character biographies detailing nuanced relationships between the manor's inhabitants, and multiple endings with consequences based on the player choices. Written by Roman Trevisanut, Andrew Clayton, Shane Martland, and Viviane Charlier.

Artwork and audio created by an ensemble of the best creators in the industry, including:

  • More than 100 hours of adventure for a party of adventurers to level from 5-10.
  •  350+ Journal Pages of adventure and setting information including detailed biographies for every major character, descriptions of every important location, as well as prompts for playlist and macro usage.
  • Seven pieces of evocative environmental artwork by Lia (Bleeding Sun), with associated vignette Scenes using Foundry VTT lighting animations.
  • Thirty-one beautiful and horrifying character portraits by Joshua Sarver.
  • A fantastic collection of nearly 100 top-down character and creature tokens illustrated by Devin Night.
  • Sixteen beautifully detailed high-resolution maps created by Atropos and NarchyMaps using the fantastic library of assets by Forgotten Adventures.
  • An original score featuring haunting and atmospheric compositions by Ian Fisher (Tabletop RPG Music) and Will Savino (MusicD20).
  • An immersive and dread-inducing environmental soundscape crafted by Michael Ghelfi.
  • More than 50 playlists, each curated to provide a varied and interesting soundscape.
  • 30 macros for handling encounters, traps, special scene transitions, and more.
  • and a dozen rollable tables containing neat, interesting events, items, and details for your players to encounter.

A host of features designed specifically to make the experience of running this adventure in Foundry Virtual Tabletop incredible including: a custom reputation tracking system, overhead tiles and roofs, macros for scripted automation of narrative moments, immersive sound effects, and a thoughtfully organized journal system to help you stay organized while running the adventure.

Our team is incredibly proud of A House Divided. We feel that it provides a game experience and quality of product that is unique in the digital TTRPG space. We hope that you will consider purchasing it to add to your own collection and to support our team. A House Divided will be available to purchase on this page in mid-October, 2022.

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Terrible Boneless Dancers swirl and pirouette in a horrifying performance that tolerates no interruption. What visions may come underneath the golden boughs of the Dreaming Tree? The abandoned halls of Raventree Estate are full of darkness and terror. The cursed Mazebound aimlessly wander a shadowy maze.

Our Inspirations

This adventure is influenced and inspired by the following works which we love. We have shared this list to help explain what type of content to expect from A House Divided.

Contact Us

This module was developed in-house by the Foundry Virtual Tabletop content development team. We'd love to hear your feedback- whether you have questions or just want to chat, you can reach us on our Discord server or via the Contact Form on our website. You can also report bugs or make feature requests for our premium content on our public Issue Tracker.

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