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Hologrounds Free Battlemaps Collection Cover

Free Animated Maps

A collection of animated and static battlemaps for different settings. Each map is in 4K resolution and has preconfigured walls and sounds.

Blood Lake

Object 666 - [data is classified]. It’s watching you, be careful. Сan be released only in case of a [data is classified].

Broken Highway

The streets were flooded with water and powerful waves washed civilization into the ocean. Now the only way to get downtown without getting your feet wet is through the wrecked highway.


The desert is a beautiful but cruel place. A huge ocean of sand, hot wind and sun-scorched rocks. Sizzling heat during the day and icy cold at night. The desert seems so simple and unremarkable. But try to look deeper. How many secrets can it keep in itself? What are the sands hiding that will not hesitate to cover you completely, take you to their chambers?

Includes Day and Night versions

Western Church

The church was built in 1869. Pastor Smith is said to have built it alone, but many doubt it. But what you can't doubt is that every day, in any weather, you will find him here. The pastor brings the word of God to the Wild West and is willing to listen and help anyone who needs his help.


A person who has never seen the ocean may think that he imagines it to himself; but he proceeds only from what he knows — his imagination draws a lot of water, more than in a mill pond, more than in a lake. The real, however, exceeds all our expectations: the smells, sounds, delight and joy at the sight of the real ocean are incomparable.

Lava River

The incandescent lava flow flows forward uncontrollably, sweeping away and burning everything in its path. All ordinary people can do is run as fast as possible. But you're not ordinary people, right?



You can find more animated battlemaps on my Patreon and Gumroad.

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