Harn Friends, Foes, and Followers V1

Latest version1.5.4
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core10.288
Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Systems Hm3
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This module provides 144 characters of various types and social classes that you can use in your own games. Each character contains a comprehensive list of skills, weapons, armor, and detailed backstory with portrait and adventure hooks.

Note: This module is only useful with the HârnMaster 3 system; it will almost certainly not work with other systems.

Friends, Foes, and Followers Volume 1

Activate the module

After installing, as GM go to the Manage Modules options menu in your World Settings tab then enable the "Harn Friends, Foes, and Followers V1" module.


The characters will show up under Compendium Packs as "Friends, Foes, and Followers V1".  Open the characters from the Compendium Pack and then drag the desired character into the Actors tab. Or right click on a character and select "Import Entry".



These 144 characters are taken from "Friends, Foes, and Followers, Vol. 1" on (, by Kerry Mould, with illustrations by Richard Luscheck and Juha Makkonen, and is "fanon", a derivative work of copyrighted material by Columbia Games Inc. and N. Robin Crossby.

Many thanks to the following character art sponsors, without whose generosity these characters would just be a bunch of statistics:



Kerry Mould (43) Patrick Nilsson (41) John S. Daniel II (20) Dave St. Pierre (6)
Andy Gibson (5) Phillip Calkins (4) Paul Kunnap (4) Ed Barach (3)
Rob Barnes (3) Edward Dewe (3) Peter Bruhn Andersen (3) Scott Shorter (2)
Paul Barr (1) Aaron Hay (1) Leigh Heron (1)  
David Hoey (1) Allan Prewett (1) Columbia Games Inc. (1)  



Helmut Fritz

Copyright Notice

The following is the copyright notice from the source of Friends, Foes, and Followers Version 1.  This work is governed by this as well. Explicit permission to distribute this work in the form of this module has been granted by the author.


A Hârn Writers’ Guild Book, 2020

Self-published by Hârn Writers’ Guild.

Available for download free at

This work, created by Kerry R. Mould et al, is a derivative work of copyrighted material published by Columbia Games Inc. and is released for free distribution and personal use by Kerry R. Mould without the permission or endorsement of N. Robin Crossby or Columbia Games Inc. No modification of said work may be made without the explicit written permission of the author, Kerry R. Mould. Hârn, HârnWorld and HârnMaster are trademarks of Columbia Games Inc. Use of these or other trademarks are not intended as a challenge of the status of said trademarks. All distribution must keep this copyright and trademark notice intact.

Copyright © 2020, N. Robin Crossby & Columbia Games Inc.

All rights reserved.


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