A Shower of Silver

Latest version1.1.4
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core10.288
Last updated1 year ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Jedes Keep
Library: Scene Packer
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An introductory murder-mystery adventure for Hârn, located around Jedes keep in the kingdom of Kaldor.

This is one of several "Adventure Modules" for the Hârn fantasy setting. For other modules, see Hârn Modules.


This module provides the adventure "A Shower of Silver", an introductory murder-mystery adventure for the HârnWorld fantasy setting, located around Jedes keep in the kingdom of Kaldor. However, this adventure could be located in any fantasy setting or location with minimal adaptations.

Although designed for use with the HârnMaster system, this module is mostly system-agnostic, with the exception of Actors. Detailed descriptions of the actors has been provided in journal entries to facilitate conversion to other game systems.


This module is made possible by the hard work of Neil Thompson and other HârnWorld fans, and is provided at no cost. This work is an adaptation of the adventure A Shower of Silver available at the HârnWorld fan site

Writer: Neil Thompson

Contributors: Matthias Janßen, Andy Gibson, Daniel Bell, and Allan Prewett

Artists: Richard Luscheck and Juha Makkonnen

Playtest Referees: Neil Thompson, Matthias Janßen, Andy Gibson, and Allan Prewett

Playtesters: Dave (no relation to Dan) Bell, Neil F (this character sheet is wrong!) Hepple, Robert L (George) Sanders, Dave Wilkinson, Andy Wouldham, Jörn Schmidt, Durk Vellema, Alexander Riedel, Hanna Fedderwitz, Ron Dill, Rob Duff, Michael Edmonds, J Patrick MacDonald, Jonathan Nicholas, Ken Snellings, Richard Black, Aaron Hay, Leigh Heron, David Hoey, and Jarick Prewett

Adapted to Foundry VTT: Tom Rodriguez

Thanks to Grant Dalgleish for permission to use the official ‘Sir Shernath Mirdarne’ illustration from the ‘Kaldor Kingdom Module’

This module is "Fanon", a derivative work of copyrighted material by Columbia Games Inc. and N. Robin Crossby.

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