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Elven Tower - Hidden Dragon

Latest version3.0.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated3 months ago
Created10 months ago
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Hidden Dragon

In Hidden Dragon, a group of level-5 adventurers learns about the sudden disappearance of farmers and commoners near Greensoil Forest. The locals are concerned and the authorities are at odds about how to react. There are growing rumors of dark ladies who roam the forest, they call them witches but who is to know whether that is true or not. A friendly druid, Phil Rodrick wants to help. He knows the forest well and is acquainted with a satyr named Allastras.

Both of them shall help the adventurers rid the forest of its nefarious disease. In the forest depths, a coven of three hags prepares to cast a ritual so foul it may destroy the forest and half the city. The only hope is that a group of valiant warriors stop the hags in time and save the day!

Elven Tower Cartography features full-colored, hand-drawn, digital maps, and professionally produced adventures for DND5e.


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Elven Tower Cartography features full-colored, hand-drawn, digital maps. Benefit from Foundry VTT’s great wall delimitation and illumination to make the best of your campaign.

Check out Elven Tower on Patreon. Get access to more than 700 maps, adventures, and our ever-growing Foundry VTT content. Join the Denizens of the Elven Tower!

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