Hero System 6e (Unofficial)

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Hero System 6e (Unofficial)

This system is for playing the sixth edition of the Hero System using FoundryVTT.

HERO SystemTM ® is DOJ, Inc.’s trademark for its roleplaying system.
HERO System Copyright © 1984, 1989, 2002, 2009 by DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. All rights
Fantasy Hero © 2003, 2010 by DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. All rights reserved.
Star Hero © 2003, 2011 by DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. All rights reserved.
All DOJ trademarks and copyrights used with permission.
For further information about Hero Games and the HERO System, visit


This system is a work in progress. The following features are supported

  • A proper Turn/Phase/Segment initiative tracking system
  • A character sheet that you can upload a .HDC file to
  • Attack automation
  • The ruler tool will show the default range modifier for the distance drawn


Character Sheet

The character sheet in this system supports automation for characteristic and skill rolls.

.HDC files created in the Hero Designer can be uploaded to it, and currently supports automatically populating information for a character's characteristics and skills.

Attacks and defense can be manually added by users. They support a small set of advantages each.

The character sheet can also be used to take a Recovery.


Attack Automation

An attack added by a user can be used by clicking on it. This will add a card to the chat for the attack.

The card can be used to automatically make the attack roll for an attack, and then the damage roll.

Once damage is rolled, any player can select one of their actor tokens and select 'apply damage' to the attack. They will be prompted to select which of their defenses apply to the attack, and will then have the remaining damage subtracted from their BODY and STUN. Conditions such as Stunned, Unconsciousness, Bleeding, and Dead are automatically applied as appropriate.

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2 years ago

Hello, I wanted to say hang in there! I am super-excited to see someone is working on a game system module for this system. It’s an endeavor and definitely hard work but will be well appreciated by people who play this system. I wish there was some way to help other than words of encouragement. Again, thank you!

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