Shadow of the Broodmother - A Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting

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Slkvol the aboleth broodmother has, for the past few million years, shaped the ecology of Milakul swamp to best serve its own interests: the native swallybogs worship Slkvol as a deity, the fauna all bear signs of Slkvol’s modifications, and adventurers are enthralled to spread word of how uninteresting and unworthy of exploration the swamp is. However, Dr. Doolots is not so easily deterred.

This adventure for 5th Edition is a one-shot adapted from Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting and is intended for 3 to 7 characters with an average party level (APL) of 5, 11, or 17. This free version contains only the 5th level adventure. This free version contains only the 5th level adventure. You can access the 11th and 17th level versions on the Loot Tavern Patreon. Characters who complete this adventure should earn enough experience to progress one quarter of the way to 6th level or one third of the way to 12th or 18th level. The adventurers must find and defeat the remnants of a rare swamp aboleth that has purportedly already been killed by a group of celebrated adventurers.

Shadow of the Brood Mother is just a small part of the content available in Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting, a 300 page tome packed with exciting new content to enhance your 5th edition game. Discover lethally thrilling adventures, rules for tracking, harvesting, and crafting, and a humongous hoard of fully-illustrated items, monsters, spells, and player options within these blood-splattered pages. Battle lethal, multi-stage boss monsters and forge fantastic new items and familiars from their remains. Check out the Shadow of the Broodmother Kickstarter.

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Design: Mohammed Bellafquih, Jess Jackdaw Burns, Max Wartelle

Written, Edited, and Arranged by: Max Wartelle of Humperdink's Wares

Illustrators:Jess Jackdaw, Loot Tavern

Cartographers:The MAD Cartographer

Proofing: Victor Matyiku, Phylea, Iain Woodhead

Foundry Adventure: Adam Bokhari of Gathering Hall Games

Adventure Import Script: Rughalt of Dragonshorn Studios



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