Generic RolePlaying Game Aid

Latest version0.85
Minimum Core0.8.0
Compatible Core0.8.6
Last updated4 days ago
Created4 months ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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The Generic RolePlaying Game Aid (GRPGA) is an interface to allow you to play your game system on Foundry VTT.

Currently supported systems are D20 (DnD3.5, World of Warcraft and Star Wars), 3D6 (A generic system where you roll 3d6 less than a modified target number) and a D100 system for Against the Darkmaster (VsD), now with Spanish localisation. Support is in beta for a D20 derivative using 3d6, (Ops and Tactics System), and D100 support for the RoleMaster family of games (RM/SM, MERP, HARP) [WIP].

GRPGAs strength is that it is almost completely item-based so you can create just about any type of thing you need but you also need to create just about everything you need (with some notable exceptions).

There is simple import capability for both D20 and VsD baddies in a commonly-used stat block format that results in a static actor with most features and abilities precalculated so the modifiers do not appear when the ability is rolled. There is a more developed import ability for 3D6 actors which involves using GCS to output your character in a specific format, which you then import into GRPGA.

GRPGA is not intended to replace your character sheet (but comes pretty close in most cases) but instead provide quick access to any features that require you to make a roll with context or just for you to share information in Chat, as well as anything you need to keep track of like consumables or ablatives. The flexibility of the Modifier item type is such that you can create modifiers for any situation or condition and have them listed and calculated when you make a roll. This allows players and GMs to verify that all appropriate modifiers were applied to the base roll.


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The Grumpy DM
15 days ago

First off I have to give my hat off to the developer and people working on this aid.
I’m so happy that someone is taking up the mantle for Role Master especially the ss and FRP series. We need much more and as I’m sure it is difficult to design a character sheet for this it would be nice just to have a basic one.
I was using this aid until the new update. Now I’m no longer able to pull up my character sheets and will have to find something else so I can at least store characters and monsters. I hope that you fix the problem soon. I’m not one that does all my mechanics using this program as I have others that I use but I do need to at least be able to have a character sheet and be able to store characters.
I hope this gets fixed soon and you move forward with new development as it is sorely needed in this community. D&D is by far the dominant RPG on foundry but I would like to at least be able to do just the basic things for Role Master.
Thanks for your hard work,
The Grumpy DM

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