Generic RolePlaying Game Aid

Latest version3.50
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated3 weeks ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Foundry Virtual TableTop support for a Generic RolePlaying Game Aid (GRPGA).

The primary goal of GRPGA is to permit users to play their game, in their way, online at least as easily as if they were sitting around a table; any further automation, character generation or advancement tracking features have been added for convenience where they make sense.

GRPGA currently supports play of:
- GURPS (3D6)
- Palladium games (D120) - with combat tracker
- Hijacks of the Palladium ruleset swap the Skills, Defences and Attacks D20 rolls for other systems dice:
    - D6Pool - Shadowrun 4e
    - D20 >= Target Number (TN)
    - 1D10, 2D10 >= TN
    - 2D6, 3D6 >= TN
    - Alternity, Sine Nomine, D616
    - D100 <= TN
- Rolemaster family of games (D100)
- Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Development of a specific ruleset depends on the active participation and feedback of players and GMs. If you want to see something for your ruleset, then ask for it and show me how it needs to work.

A long-term goal is to capture the advantages of each system and create my own based on timeline tactical activity instead of turn-based action.

To join the discussion or monitor progress on Discord, join here; Please let me know on arrival which game system or homebrew effort led you to investigate my project. Feel free to ask for guidance or assistance. Thank you for your interest.

If you would like to buy me a coffee, , I thank you.
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The Grumpy DM
2 years ago

First off I have to give my hat off to the developer and people working on this aid.
I’m so happy that someone is taking up the mantle for Role Master especially the ss and FRP series. We need much more and as I’m sure it is difficult to design a character sheet for this it would be nice just to have a basic one.
I was using this aid until the new update. Now I’m no longer able to pull up my character sheets and will have to find something else so I can at least store characters and monsters. I hope that you fix the problem soon. I’m not one that does all my mechanics using this program as I have others that I use but I do need to at least be able to have a character sheet and be able to store characters.
I hope this gets fixed soon and you move forward with new development as it is sorely needed in this community. D&D is by far the dominant RPG on foundry but I would like to at least be able to do just the basic things for Role Master.
Thanks for your hard work,
The Grumpy DM

James Huddleston
2 years ago
Reply to  The Grumpy DM

Sorry, I will likely not be coming back here very often so please post anything you want me to see in a timely manner, on my discord server or the foundry one. Thanks.

James Huddleston
2 years ago
Reply to  The Grumpy DM

Apologies. I did not know this was here and got no notice that you had left a message.

I am most often available on the Foundry discord as JamesH(UTC-3/4) or on my own discord linked on the readme file for GRPGA.

Would love to hear there what bits you need to make the D100 ruleset better meet your needs. There are a number of other members of the D100-ice community there.

I hope the post-transition fixes solved your problems with GRPGA. Please do come over to the server and discuss.

Thanks for the kind words as well.

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