Flying Tokens

Latest version1.3.2
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated1 year ago
Created1 year ago
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Systems All systems
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Ever wanted your tokens to fly? I mean really look like they're flying, when they are supposed to, well you should try Flying Tokens. Flying Tokens works with Token Magic FX API to add shadow and movement that simulates the flight.


With the Automatic Apply enabled you just have to change the token elevation and it will do all the magic. The module first check if the character has flight movement, otherwise it won't apply the effect.
When you change the elevation to 0 the token will land.

If you opt to disable the automatic effect and prefer to enable per token you just have to disable Automatic Apply in the settings and now all tokens with flying speed movement will have a dove icon in the token HUD, if you click on it, it activates Flying Tokens for that specific token and then when you change its elevation the effects will apply.

First click the dove icon to activate Flying Tokens for that token and then set a new elevation

If you want to land your token just click the dove slashed icon and it will remove the filter effects, this wont change token elevation, as for example the token could land in a higher level. Then you can change the elevation and it won't apply effects anymore.

Alternate Image For Flying Tokens
Now it is possible to set a alternate token image that is automatic replaced when the token is flying.


Effects included

Shadow projection, token scale up or down depending on the altitude, small movements to simulate flight, Token Magic FX filter to simulate wind. In the next release it will be configurable.


Automatic Apply
Default: active.
This setting if checked will apply Flying Tokens effects to all tokens that have flying speed movement and you change its elevation.

Al Tokens Can Fly
Default: disabled.
Apply Flying Tokens effects to all tokens independent of flying speed movement and you change its elevation.

Output to chat
Default: active.
Display a chat message with the token name and its new elevation.

Default: disabled.
Display a notification with the token name and its new elevation.

Custom Scale
Default: 0.01.
increase token scale based on how high is its elevation. Set to 0 if you want to disable it.

Auto Zoom
Default: disabled.
Zoom into the token when it lands, and out based on how high it is flying.

Enable Movement Effect
Default: enabled.
Movement effect while the token is flying.

Enable Shadow Removal
Default: enabled.
Remove the token image shadow and create a shadow that changes with its height and size.

Enable Wind Effect
Default: enabled.
Small twist effect in the center of the token.



Known Issues

So far none.


If you have suggestions or want to report a problem, you can create an issue here: Issues


You can read the changelog here:

Special Thanks

Peterson, roi007leaf and Zhell


The module is totally free and will remain this way.
I am unemployed, though. So every little help counts.




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