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Blood on the Trail: A World of Adventure for Fate Core System

Latest version2.0.0
Minimum Core10.291
Compatible Core11.308
Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Systems Fate-core-official
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Blood on the Trail • Foundry VTT Access

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Travel in the Wild West is dangerous, but the danger’s even worse than anticipated. The land is infested with vampires.

As settlers begin pushing into the unexplored territories on their way to California, they discover the truth about why the Native American tribes have gone quiet: the wilds have become infested with creatures who feast on blood. Your explorers must deal with the expected problems of weather, sickness, wild animals and deprivation. Then, during the night, they must worry about being stalked by undead. American Vampire meets Oregon Trail in this Fate World of Adventure by Shoshana Kessock.

Blood on the Trail requires Fate Core to play. This supplement contains:

  • An alternative, vampire-infested Wild West history to provide background for your game
  • A variety of vampire types and system rules for vampirism in Fate
  • New ideas on using maps as a campaign planning and gameplay tool
  • Rules for creating a wagon train and setting out on Wild West adventure
  • Rules for turning and playing vampires in Fate
  • A sample adventure: Seven Brides for Seven Vampires

The Wild West is full of danger. And vampires.

The Fate Adventures & Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening.

Module Contents

  • A setup tool that will fully deploy the content of this module into a world of your choice. This is the way we recommend you use this module, and it works best if you start with a fresh new world. On first load, click the 'Blood on the Trail' thumbnail to commence the setup process, or use the Setup macro listed below.
  • Twelve linked Journal Entries accessed from the Journal Entries tab, providing the entire contents of Blood on the Trail, a Fate World first released by Evil Hat Productions as a PDF.
  • Four sample player characters and associated tokens. Found in the "Player Characters" folder in the Actors Directory. Instructions for creating your own character using the tools here in this FoundryVTT module, in the Journal Entries.
  • Four Vampires and associated tokens,. If you set this world up using our tool you'll find them under the Actors Directory in a folder called "Vampires". Rules for creating your own Vampire antagonists are also contained in the Journal Entries.
  • 14 linked NPCs with tokens to populate the Stopovers and Towns along your Wagon Train's journey.
  • 1 pre-generated Wagon Train, the Chance Caravan, to carry your party across the Great Plains of a young, wild America. Rules for creating your own Wagon Train are also contained in the Journal Entries.
  • 14 unlinked actors/tokens for use as Wagon Trains, located under the Actors Directory, in the 'Wagon Trains' folder.
  • 1 Trail Map of the USA, to chart the progress of your group as they venture out, into the wilderness, to seek fame or misfortune. 'The Map' is set at a scale of 120 miles per grid square width, allowing you to measure the legs of your journey with reasonable accuracy. The Map is located under the Scenes Directory. You can find a fresh map in the ‘Blood on the Trail Scenes’ compendium, should you need it.
  • 42 light & 42 dark map maker tokens, to mark encounters, milestones, and highlights along your party's route Westward.
  • 71 unlinked actors/tokens for use as player or GM characters, stored in the Actors Directory under the 'Tokens RAW' folder.
  • All actors, journals, and assets are available in Compendiums within the game world. Available to expand on your Wild West adventures or re-import fresh versions of all included content.

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